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Let's salute true legends of showbiz.

Byline: Linda McDERMOTT

"WE'RE stayin with one o' the Roly Polys in Blackpool nex' week," said Terry the joiner.

Little Mo's guest house, declared Terry, does the best sausage, bacon and eggs in all England.

"Blackpool's gorrit right purrin' them comedy catchphrases on the pavements," opined Tel as he planed my new door. "We should pinch thar' idea fer capital o' culture."

Terry and his wife Jan love Blackpool and Southport with a passion, never missing a summer season or panto at Christmastime.

"We once did a conga along the prom with Larry Grayson and the cast of Aladdin, all sing in' "Shut that Door, Shut that Door....."he recalled, misty-eyed. "Worraa nice man 'ee was.

"We all' ad fish n' chips sittin' on these a front an'l remember Larry nippin'to'is Rolls Royce ter get the salt n' vinegar 'ee kept in 'is glove compartment!"

They never lost touch with the star and even called their dog Everard.

Terry idolises the Liverpool comedians and entertainers and believes there should be a memorial to salute them all.

"We should 'ave a walkway o' the stars," he reflected. "All them fantastic people thar 'ave made us laugh over the years should 'ave their names immortalised in stone."

Terry reeled off a list of greats whose genius kept Liverpool on the comedy map from Arthur Askey to Ted Ray. Not to mention, he said, singing stars from Frankie Vaughan to Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

"Maybe we should 'ave an international walk o' fame as well," mused Tel, "ter remember all the famous people 'oo've performed at the Empire... Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior, Julie Andrews, Laurel and Hardy.

"Thee all came 'ere 'cos this is Liverpool!"

I reminded Terry that they'd tried a similar, not entirely successful idea on the concrete flags nearthe Britannia pub down at Otterspool.

"Tha' was never the right place ter put such a thing," he replied. "Norr'enuff people see it there an' anyway thee all got cracked an' dirty.

Talking of legends, I said, what should we do about the unstoppable King of Comedy, Kenneth Arthur Dodd OBE. Celebrating his 80th year as Liverpool celebrates its 800th, as funny as he's ever been, an unshakeably loyal citizen and an absolute credit to this great city.

Tel said only a statue on a plinth on St George's Plateau would be good enough for our greatest living Scouser.

"Just think'ow great it would've been," opined Tel, "if 'Er Majesty, when she gets out of'er car outside the Empire fer the Variety Show, could've stepped on a flagstone sayin':"By Jove missus!"

MY BBC cameraman colleague Steve Capstick came to the rescue to sort out a cable problem as we rigged up to broadcast my drivetime programme from Liverpool Cricket Club.

A man who has nursed his current Peugeot car to 350,000 miles is never short on ingenuity.

Last week Steve burned his hand rather badly when he picked up the wrong end of a blisteringly hot soldering iron.

His remedy for taking the pain away?

He went to bed wearing a rubber washing-up glove on his injured hand and a frozen bottle of Lucozade stuffed down the inside.

Now you don't see that in Holby City.

We did a conga along the prom with Larry Grayson and the Aladdin cast

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 6, 2007
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