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Let's restore family values; Voice of the ECHO.

IT seems barely a day is passing at the moment without news emerging of yet another yob incident.

Today's involves a Merseyside fire crew coming under petrol bomb attack in Belle Vale - something which will clearly shock and appall all right-thinking people.

Our initial instinct will also be to condemn those responsible. After all, what could possess anyone to attack those whose whole careers are based on saving lives and helping others?

But once the natural anger has subsided we are left with an increasingly important question - what can we do as a society to stamp out such disgraceful acts of yob behaviour?

One idea which has been put forward today is for problem families to get their very own "supernanny" in a bid to teach parents how to discipline their unruly children.

It is certainly an innovative idea and one which has its roots in common sense. The most important lessons are learned at home and if the parents are unable to teach them then what chance have their children got?

This is an attempt to address the problem of anti-social and yob behaviour at its source.

If children are taught to behave responsibly in the home then there is a much greater chance of them behaving properly on the streets and in the community at large.

Some may dismiss this idea as yet more evidence of the nanny state encroaching still further into our private lives but that would be to miss the point entirely.

Thesimpletruth isthat, unless the state intervenes and does its bit to restore family values where they have lapsed, then we will all pay a very heavy price.

It is all too easy for today's problem children to turn into tomorrow's yobs - this supernanny scheme is a welcome attempt to stop that from happening.

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Title Annotation:Leaders
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 11, 2007
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