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Let's put a stop to this baby factory..

Byline: Fiona Mclntosh

THERESA Winters has devoted half her life to filling care homes with her neglected babies.

This 36-year-old baby factory is now pregnant for the 14th time, which is staggering enough, until you hear all 13 of her babies were taken into care because of neglect.

This is not a story about dictatorial social services denying a mother the right to keep her babies. Theresa and her partner Tony Housden - who is father to 11 of the children - have been told they cannot keep their kids because of concerns about "severe neglect, lack of parenting ability and the consequent risk to any child in their care".

Even Theresa herself admits that "in one sense" her babies were better off in state care because she turned violent with social workers. Yet here she is again, living off disability benefits, 25 weeks into her 14th pregnancy.

It's awful enough that this poor baby is doomed to a life of state care, but what really makes me sick with rage is that this child stands a chance of inheriting a genetic degenerative disease that has afflicted three of its siblings and already killed one. Yet even that hasn't stopped this pig-headewoman from bringing another life into this world.

In her blind state of stupidity and selfishness, Theresa insists she should be allowed to keep the baby she's carrying because she deserves a "second chance". Second chance? She had that years ago. This is a 14th chance that should never have happened.

Theresa must be stopped. But how? Her own sister Louise Walls, 37, says Theresa's baby farming makes her feel physically ill and has begged authorities to make her stop.

"Whenever I have asked her why she keeps getting pregnant when she knows the baby will be taken off her she says, 'I don't give a shit - I just want the Government to pay for them,'" says Louise.

Louise thinks her sister - and let's not forget the useless partner who keeps knocking her up - is creating babies out of pure spite, which is surely the sickest motive imaginable. This goes beyond basic morality.

Bringing a child into the world to "get back" at the Government should be a crime. Damning a child to a loveless future of neglect and the lottery of care deserves pun-ishment.

Louise believes her sister should be sterilised. That's a tough call.

I don't think any human being, no matter how pathologically selfish and thick, should be treated like an animal.

But if something isn't done to stop her, this baby factory could continue pumping out unwanted kids for the next 10 years.

If sterilisation is too extreme, then a court order to stop her getting pregnant - and a prison sentence if she does - should at the very least be considered.

Louise is an extreme version of what is happening in estates around the country. Plenty of children are born into loving families and to single mothers who do their very best to bring their children up in tough circumstances.

But there are also plenty of babies farmed for the benefits they rake in.

Women like Theresa Winters must be stopped. After 14 pregnancies she's lost her human right to have a child. It's about time the human rights of her poor neglected babies came first.


Selfish... Theresa
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2009
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