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Let's kick out the scroungers not the workers.

LET'S get one thing straight, immigration has been very good for Ireland. Hard-working immigrants from Poland to Nigeria helped fund our country's booming economy during the Celtic Tiger.

These are the people who built our houses, worked in our cities, and kept the country moving forward. It would be deeply unfair to kick them out now, just because the going got tough.

But at the same time, Ireland is not a bottomless pit of money for any lazy scrounger who wants to sign on, and sign up for an easy life.

While genuine asylum-seekers will always be welcome here, those trying to pass themselves off as the real thing for cash handouts must be kicked out of the country.

What a pity then that our Government is making such a spectacularly bad job of it.

They seem to be trying to get the least possible result for the most possible money. Despite spending vast sums of cash, the number of illegal immigrants deported is negligible.

Then again...lazy scroungers who view us as a bottomless pit of cash...maybe we're trying to deport the wrong people.

Maybe we should be kicking out the Government.
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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion, Leading articles
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUIR
Date:Oct 24, 2010
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