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Let's hope Homeland Carrie's on like this... tellytalk WITH MARION McMULLEN.


CARRIE'S been left carrying the can... again.

The CIA agent has been left crying and out in the cold in Homeland and now she's being blamed for the terrorist bomb that killed her old boss and many of her co-agents.

She knows Brody is innocent, but who is going to believe that a former Marine turned bomber didn't pull the trigger this time? Carrie's the perfect scapegoat. She's bipolar, off her meds and has the hots for Brody. It's no wonder Saul is happy to throw her to the government lions to tear her apart while he holds the department together.

Brody is topping America's most wanted list, but can't be found so it's Carrie who is taking the blame. Well, saying she was in the loo answering a call of nature when the bomb went off is a pretty lame excuse. No one's going to believe she was simply powdering her nose as the explosion occurred.

The only ones worse off than Carrie are Brody's family. Mum has no money and is trying to find a job and daughter is back home after a failed suicide attempt.

Just waiting now for Carrie to stop being a cry-baby and get angry on Channel 4's American import.

Surly Saul needs a slap in the face and Carrie needs to figure out who the real bomber is.

Can't wait for tonight's helping of sex, lies and conspiracy theories. Suspect everyone.

IT'S open season on vamps in True Blood. While Sookie is running around trying to cope with the sudden appearance of her fairy grandfather, the undead are on the run from government forces who want to de-fang them and turn them into piles of bloody gunk.

The sneaky humans have also figured out wearing special contact lenses means they can't be hypnotised by any passing vampires anymore. Oops, sorry Eric. Your vampy powers seem to be on the blink.

Vampires, werewolves, shifters and fairies are back on Fox on Monday nights with a new batch of supernatural headaches to contend with. The storylines have long since departed from the best-selling books by Charlaine Harris and it's hard to keep track of all the plots.

However, I'm still struggling to come to terms with Bladerunner's Rutger Hauer as a fairy.

Thank goodness they haven't given him wings and a wand.

Maybe it's not too late for him to do a disappearing act and vanish from this miscasting madness.


Carrie's off her meds and seems to be the perfect scapegoat in Homeland
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Date:Oct 13, 2013
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