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Let's hear more from politicians on renewable energy.

SINCE the 1960s, I have followed the progress technologies have been making on alternative energy sources, this was before the term "renewable energy" was in vogue.

When the energy and utility firms were sold off to foreign corporations resulting in more households ending up in fuel poverty, I was almost glad to hear the North Sea gas and oil reserves were beginning to dwindle and the Government was looking for alternatives.

It was good to hear the Government is planning to phase out fossil fuel powered appliances within the next 15 years and make all new houses energy efficient and carbon neutral. I can see all the pieces are coming together to make for a pollution free society, although there is absolutely no reason the majority of existing dwellings cannot have the same geothermal systems installed as they cost very little to run, are more reliable and easier to maintain than present-day air conditioners and boilers.

Solar panels are getting more efficient and cheaper as production methods continue to improve.

Most people do not realise utility companies running sewage works are making very healthy profits by extracting various kinds of gases from our waste, some of which can power generators. From these gases hydrogen can be produced in abundance.

A trial in Yorkshire is in place to introduce the hydrogen into the natural gas grid with plans to try this nationwide. Also the next generation of electric vehicles will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. They are just as easy to fill as petrol or diesel cars and will travel as far, if not even further, on a tank of fuel while the only "emission" from them is pure water.

I must say I am surprised that with all the protests over climate change recently, politicians have not put forward their parties' own plans on the above in the run-up to the coming elections. After all, it is all about getting us ready for the brave, new and pollution free world.

Rennie Ku, L8

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Apr 19, 2019
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