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Let's get ready to bumble.

THE plight of the bumblebee has been well-documented. Two species of bee have already been made extinct in the UK - with many more under threat.

Not only are bees loveable - they even make a 'whoop' sound when they bump into each other - bees are integral to our ecosystem.

Yet a new survey by outdoor enthusiasts, Camping in the Forest, has revealed 22% of Brits now only ever see bees in the great outdoors once every six months or less, with 9% claiming they rarely spot a bee in the UK.

So they reckon it's time families did something about it to make sure bees remain firmly on our wildlife radar.

Wildlife expert Chris Packham has joined forces with Camping in the Forest to launch the UK's first 'Bee Kind' Week, from June 19-25 to create a buzz about bees and, hopefully, help them.

Chris says: "Bumblebee numbers are dwindling fast. Sadly, most of the public aren't aware of the enormous impact they have on our ecosystem.

"Bee Kind week is all about raising awareness of this, while doing something fun everyone can get involved with.

"Getting kids involved in bee conservation in particular is a great way to educate future generations on protecting these precious species.

"It's easy to do your bit and help the bees so I will be getting fully behind Camping in the Forest's Bee Kind week, and I hope families will too."

BEE KIND WEEK (JUNE 19-25) | Monday: Bee Aware day - When you see a bee, is your first reaction to run away? Monday, is all about dispelling the myths and getting Bee savvyso get on the website and learn more.

| Tuesday: Care for a Bee day - Bees feed off the nectar and pollen found in plants to give them the protein and carbohydrates they need, but sometimes they need a little helping hand with a sugary substitute. To do this, mix two tablespoons of white sugar and one of water and place in a small container, like an egg cup, among bees' favourite flowers. | Wednesday: Plant Bee-Friendly Seeds' day - Planting the right kinds of flowers can make new habitats for bees. Bees love English Lavender, Common Jasmine, Sweet William, Rose Campion, Bergamot, Hyssop and Dame's Violet. | Thursday: Crafty Bee day - From colouring in your own bee to creating your own bee-kind hat, there will be activities across the country which the whole family can enjoy together. | Friday: Cook with Honey day - Embrace your inner chef with delicious honey-inspired recipes.

Wildlife Chris. | Saturday: Bee kind and make a donation day - Why not donate to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust which works to protect bee habitats in the UK? | Sunday: Photograph a Bee Day - Show off your finest bee photography and share your snaps on social media using the hashtag #BeeKindWeek. You never know, you might be the next David Bee-ley (sorry) expert Packham | Visit FASCINATING FACTS | THERE are more than 15 different kinds of bumblebee in the world.

| BUMBLEBEES feed on the nectar and pollen made inside flowers.

| NECTAR is a sugary liquid that gives bees energy. | BEES pollinate three-quarters of the world's most important crops.

| POLLEN is full of protein - while we eat meat and fish for protein, baby bumblebees are fed pollen by worker bees who care for them.

JOKE TIME | WHAT'S a bee's favourite novel? The Great Gats-bee.

| WHAT kind of bee can't be understood? A mumble bee. | WHAT is a bee's favourite sport? Rug-Bee.


Wildlife expert Chris Packham

Rare sight: A bumblebee collecting nectar from a flower - as 9% of us say we rarely spot a bee in the UK
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
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Date:May 25, 2017
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