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Let's get out of this corrupt club; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION...

SEVERAL weeks ago the Echo published my letter about withdrawal from the EU.

It has been quite interesting reading several replies to this letter, especially from the pro-EU supporters.

I have to say the mumbo-jumbo they wrote has not convinced me one ounce that we should stay in this corrupt club.

This especially now when the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her best mate from France President Sarkozy recently met up without the other EU leaders, I might add behind closed doors, and have decided between them they would like closer integration, and worst of all want to slam a new tax on financial transactions.

This just goes to show how democracy is shown the door in the EU and how out of touch they are. No doubt this will be forced through by lapdog David Cameron, but we should be given a national vote on this.

Also with the world's economies in meltdown and the joke euro collapsing, this bunch of clowns are asking for more taxes.

Come on Cameron, forget that top job in the EU when you are kicked out of office, get us out of this club before it's too late.

* DJ Radford Barry
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 25, 2011
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