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Let's Crow Our Own.

Some 38,800,000 Americans would grew marijuana at home--if it was legal, according to a Harris Poll survey commissioned by Green State Gardener. "A year or two of research doesn't establish a trend yet, but the jump in these numbers is pretty significant," notes Paul Cohen, . president and research di-rector of Cohen Grassroots Research, Inc.

"The largest number of adults most likely to grow, marijuana themselves are 18- to 34-year-olds, followed by baby boomers aged 55-plus."

Among other findings, the survey shows 62% of adults think medicinal use of marijuana should be legalized and 41 % feel possession of small amounts of marijuana should be decriminalized.

"Its an amazing plant that has been vilified since [it was made illegal] in the 1930s," says Will Raap, cofounder of Green State Gardener. "Legalization of medical marijuana makes it clear we have only begun to understand its value."

Twenty-nine states have legalized medical marijuana and Raap believes that the value of cannabis for medicinal use is driving the hefty increase in interest in growing marijuana at home. 'We're also seeing feedback from states and countries that have legalized adult-use cannabis, and the world has not collapsed."

--Kelsy Raap, marketing manager, Green State Gardener, Burlington, Vt.

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Author:Raap, Kelsy
Publication:USA Today (Magazine)
Date:Sep 1, 2018
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