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Lessons in complete mortification, Part One ...

Byline: Mr Brocklebank

MR BROCKLEBANK, old and bewhiskered as he is, is still resisting the temptation to apply for a blue badge, which would be of great use when trying to find a parking space for his hansom.

Certainly, everyone else is at it, and the council, keen to ensure it does not miss out on a penny of parking revenue, is being more vigilant than ever in looking to catch anyone abusing the system.

But sometimes, as a town hall chum tells Mr B, sometimes vigilance can lead one to some inconvenient truths. For one of the people caught in the council's blitz in recent years was unfortunately an employee of the authority itself.

And not only that, but what should said sacked city employee have responsibility for ... dishing out blue badges!

SO, WARREN BRADLEY, who has been quiet in recent months, is gearing up to defend his Wavertree seat at the next election.

Given his well-publicised resignation as leader of the Lib-Dems and subsequent suspension from the group, it is little wonder that he is standing as an independent.

But, while town hall sources suggest the Lib-Dems are going to put their all into unseating their former colleague, there is a slight suspicion that their heart isn't in it.

For their candidate, Kevin White, has not had the best of results in former attempts to win a seat on the council.

At the last elections, he stood in the Kensington and Fairfield ward and achieved the lowest Lib-Dem vote in the ward since the party was formed! MUCH mirth has been made of the video recently produced by Downtown Liverpool In Business which got its premiere at the lobby's recent Livercool (quite clever, that) Awards.

To the sound of Slade singing Merry Xmas Everybody, council leader Cllr Joe Anderson, Liverpool Vision boss Max Steinberg and some local PR types indulge in festive frolics, putting up decorations and flouncing around in tinsel.

But, by far the best moment (with the exception of Mr Steinberg winking at the camera before putting his head in his hands in embarrassment) is when none other than Derek Hatton should pop up in the background.

Perhaps not exactly the best way to promote Liverpool as a business destination, but, nonetheless, Mr B was fortunate to be in the company of one town hall regular when the video was seen for the first time.

"Oh no! Oh no!What's he do... oh my God! It's Degsy! What are they thinking!!" cringed Mr B's chum in a state of complete bemusement.

The verdict? "It brings to mind Kinnock at the Sheffield rally," came the reply.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 15, 2011
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