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Lessons from Scandinavia: Let's build our heaven on earth.

Kenyans should build their own heaven on earth

When I went to Scandinavia, though in exile, I was convinced that Scandinavian countries had the happiest societies on earth.

Like George Orwell who claimed he had been to heaven and it worked when he visited socialist Russia, I too was convinced socialism and heaven on earth are possible when I went to Norway. The society there gave free education to her children, supported people without work, ensured the sick got treated, guaranteed housing for all and governed her people with equality, freedom and democracy.

After living in this society for a number of years, I was convinced that despite some weaknesses such as racism, they were heaven on earth that all other countries should emulate.

But when I tell my wonderful experience in Norway, many people ask, why I left to come back to Kenya, which I believe is to a large extent heaven for the rich and hell for the poor?

I came home to create Kenya's heaven on earth that I could own and enjoy. After enjoying heaven in Scandinavia, I believed all people and countries should create their own heaven, not wait for others to do so for them. While you may enjoy other people's heaven, you may not own it the way you would own yours.

Yet others ask, what have I done to achieve heaven on earth in Kenya? I have spent 13 years of my life and family fighting for a heaven on earth.

Indeed, I believed rather than enjoy a piece of Norwegian heaven alone with my family exiled there, it was better to return to Kenya to create one, not for myself and a small minority of the rich but for everybody and the majority of the poor, who now live in hell of poverty and misery.

Exactly what have I done to create heaven on earth here in Kenya?

First, I have preached heaven on earth to those who will listen. When I was in Parliament, my motion removed double taxation for working couples, forest workers were allowed to keep cattle and shamba system that today manages forests for the good and preservation of forest and its workers.

I helped 130 poor children of Subukia constituency with Ujima Subukia scholarship Fund I set up with my friend Niel Getnick and I also started and completed 197 CDF development projects that are present to this day.

For heaven on earth to take root in Kenya, however, it must have a leadership that listens to the God of conscience and manage their societies the way He manages heaven. Heaven cannot grow on earth when leaders are managing societies like hell.

For hell to take root, it must be managed by a system that makes it grow. Equally, heaven must also be managed by a system of heaven - not necessarily religious - that makes it grow. As hell cannot survive in a system of heaven, and vice versa.

That is why hell thrives here in Kenya.

But someone disagrees that Scandinavian countries are comparable to heaven on earth. Notwithstanding, God does not wish we live in hell on earth so we can enjoy heaven in the life after. I believe God wishes us to live in heaven here on earth that is as close as it can be to His kingdom on earth.

Scandinavian societies are closer to God than those that are full of poverty, hunger, diseases and misery that makes them hells on earth. To save people here or in the next life, we must preach heaven and not hell to them.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
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Date:Aug 17, 2019
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