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Lesson for teacher.

I AM constantly surpised at teachers who get uptight if anyone dares to suggest that bad ones should be dismissed.

In any other workplace, if you do not do your job properly you get the sack.

Why do teachers think they should be exempt?

Doreen Tilbury, Buckhurst Hill, Essex

READER Damien Sarsfield fears any relaxation of the laws on euthanasia could lead to people with spina bifida and hydrocephalus being put to sleep against their will (Dear Jo, September 30).

This is nonsense. Mr Sarsfield seems to have forgotten we're advocating voluntary euthanasia.

Jackie Wilkins

Canterbury, Kent

YOUR reader K Baldwin was upset about Coronation Street being taken off the air for football (Dear Jo, October 5). Mr Baldwin should realise that football is live, unlike the soaps.

H Edwards, via e-mail

MY 87-year-old uncle is hard of hearing. In hospital recently, the doctor wanted to know if he was a diabetic and asked: "Do you have sugar in your water?"""No," said my uncle, "just two in tea."

Adrienne Crawford Newmarket, Suffolk


IT IS telling that on the stage at the Tory conference in Bournemouth is an arrow pointing extravagantly and irrevocably to the far right.

Paul Walter, Newbury, Berks

A brave try at porridge

Kids' Talk

AFTER Robert, my five year-old son, saw The Wizard Of Oz, I asked him: "What did the Scarecrow and the Tin Man hope to get?" He said: "A brain and a heart."

"What did the Cowardly Lion want?" I asked, expecting the reply: "Courage." "Porridge," said Robert.

T Sugden, Ossett, W Yorks

I WAS shopping with my four-year-old when an old lady bumped into him. She said: "Sorry, pet." He turned to me and said: "I think she thought I was a hamster."

Caroline Parker Worsley, Gtr Manchester

MY CHILDREN were watching Ricki Lake's TV show, which was discussing makeovers for mothers. When I said I'd like a make-over, my 12-year-old daughter replied: "They said makeovers, not miracles".

Tracy Bourney Londonderry

MY granddaughter told her dad: "A man on TV was wearing a dress." Asked how she knew it was a man, she said: "He wasn't wearing a tie."

P Skalik, Hove, E Sussex

I've taken sparrows under my wing

READER I Godfrey was depressed that sparrows are on the endangered species list (Dear Jo, September 30).

They seem to be thriving in my area. I feed them regularly despite moans by small-minded neighbours to the council.

A Goulding, Barnsley, South Yorks

THERE are two reasons why I am not a vegetarian. The first is that animals have no qualms about killing and eating each other. And the second, I've yet to meet a butcher who didn't look a picture of health.

F Spence, Birmingham

WHILE I was in Australia, their Lottery gave its hospitals $63 million. It does this regularly. Why can't our Lottery give some money to our NHS?

F Bixby Lakenheath, Suffolk

pounds 25 Letter Of The Day

INSTEAD of lauding the Tory poll in which party members voted for continued isolation in Europe, William Hague should be apologising for voting to keep this country in the dark.

This vote could imperil businesses whose survival depends on seizing the moment, in Europe and elsewhere. The leader of the Opposition must come to terms with the fact that a closed door in Europe is a step too far for the electorate.

Then again, perhaps this hapless figure has just been set up for a fall by his own party.

C Rossini Harwich, Essex
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Dipple, Jo
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 7, 1998
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