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Less turning in the aisles.

Flexi Narrow Aisle announced the launch of its new Flexi VNA articulated forklift truck at IMHX.

The four-wheel, electric-powered Flexi VNA is designed to offer faster, safer work cycles with optimum stability in aisles as narrow 1600mm wide.

The new model, which can lift pallets to heights of up to 7.9 metres, is supplied as standard with treaded cushion rubber tyres for maximum traction in wet outdoor conditions, while twin front wheel drive means that the weight of the truck and the load is evenly divided between the front two tyres to further enhance traction and minimise tyre wear.

At the heart of the truck is a compact axle design, which, combined with the Flexi VNA's ability to truly articulate through 2200, allows easy stacking in 1600m aisleways.

Instead of 'pivot' steering the Flexi VNA's "true articulation" turning system means that the Flexi VNA trucks require minimal manoeuvring in the aisleways. This, in turn, results in faster pallet put-away and picking. In a 1600mm wide aisle the Flexi VNA needs only one articulation to put-away a standard ISO (or Chepstyle) pallet.

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Title Annotation:HANDLING & STORAGE
Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Nov 1, 2010
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