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Less Hot Air.

WILLIAM CLAY FORD JR., chair of Ford Motor Company, announced in December that he is pulling his company out of the Global Climate Coalition, a controversial group of more than 40 major corporations.

The Global Climate Coalition argues that there is insufficient scientific evidence to confirm serious warming of the earth due to "greenhouse" gases.

Other companies that have left the group in the past two years include British Petroleum, Shell Oil and Dow Chemical.

Activist groups fighting global warming claimed victory. "This may well be the kind of strong and clear statement that can end the debate over global warming," said Kevin Sweeney, chair of Ozone Action.

"When 2,500 scientists agreed on a statement that global warming is a real and urgent phenomenon caused by humans, the Global Climate Coalition drummed up a small handful of dissenters," Sweeney said. "Spending millions on advertising, lobbying and other efforts to discredit the best science, the group's small clique has had a huge presence. ...They've provided ready sources for journalists who, under the guise of objectivity, lazily assume that 'another side' to the science should be presented in each story on the topic."

"In walking away from the Global Climate Coalition," Sweeney said, "the auto giant has pulled back the curtain to show that science has never clouded this debate. It was the sophisticated advocacy and self-interest of panicked industrialists that did so."
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Author:Mokhiber, Russell
Publication:Multinational Monitor
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Date:Dec 1, 1999
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