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Various authors have contributed individual volumes to the extensive and in-depth 'Presidential Leaders' titles for elementary grades 5-7: with each book holding a little over a hundred pages of information, this age range receives an invaluable reference set perfect for report choices. Other books have covered these presidents in past: what makes the set unique is its blend of biography, political insight, American history injections, and black and white photos which lend an especially well-rounded understanding. Each book also adds source notes, a conclusion, timeline of events, bibliography (including websites) and index, making it easy to look up issues or the names of others who interacted with each president. The lively tone of each volume assures kids will find easy reading here, while the overviews of both pros and cons of dark and bright moments in each leader's role lend to a deeper understanding of each President's regime. We've seen many other books covering individual Presidents: by creating a uniform approach to biographical and political sketches, pairing early years with later achievements, and adding the source notes for further research, this set in its entirety (covering all Presidents) earns our recommendation as a top, lasting collection pick which is especially outstanding when purchased as a set rather than individually.
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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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