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Leon Wieseltier Schools Stephen Colbert on Liberals.

Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic's literary editor, appeared on The Colbert Report last night to mark the magazine's 100th anniversary and promote their new collection of essays from the past century, and he accomplished a rare feat: he made Stephen Colbert laugh, temporarily breaking character. After dismissing The New Republic as a "liberal rag," Colbert proceeded to pepper his unflappable guest with a series of questions, chief among them what it actually means to be a cultural critic.

Colbert requests a critique of today's culture in 10 words or less, to which Wieseltier cooly replies, "Too much digital, not enough critical thinking, more physical reality" (I would've added 'not enough cats,' but whatever). Colbert looks shocked as he counts out the 10 words, admitting no one's ever successfully done that on the show before.

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Author:Butnick, Stephanie
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Oct 8, 2014
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