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Leon Battista Alberti's Delineation of the city of Rome (Descriptio urbis Romae).


Leon Battista Alberti's Delineation of the city of Rome (Descriptio urbis Romae).

Alberti, Leon Battista.



123 pages



Medieval and Renaissance texts and studies; 335


Around 1450 the Italian artist and architect Leon Battista Alberti wrote a guide to the city of Rome. The difference in this guide is that readers must create their own maps. In the days before printing, Alberti felt that maps copied too often by hand became inaccurate. Therefore he instructs the reader to make a circle, divide it into forty-eight degrees and then follow his directions as to where on this grid the important sites are placed. A team of five scholars has come together to produce a complete critical edition: Latin original, English translation, two essays on Alberti and his work plus a list of other translations, manuscripts and an index. This would be of interest to students of the Renaissance, geographers, mathematicians and anyone intrigued by geometric puzzles.

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Date:May 1, 2008
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