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Leo; Lionhearted Leos are fearless, but wise, and they get the lion's share of attention at social occasions.


LEO, the lion, is a regal creature, king of the jungle and often head of the family - at any age. You were born to be admired and respected.

Lions are intriguing creatures as they are mostly stunningly fearless, and so sure of themselves. They do run away from stampeding elephants, though, being wise enough to respect that which is too big to argue with. Lionesses are the ones with the sharper teeth - they do the hunting.

They say that, whenever there's a party, Leo can be found taking centre stage, attracting loads of attention.

Leo is the real star of the zodiac, the strutting peacock, the performer and the most fiery, passionate lover of all. Think Madonna and Mick Jagger, and you've got this particular picture.

It's easy to understand why your sign seems to dazzle like a great star because your ruler is the life-giving Sun itself - no mere planet but the one and only star of this solar system.

The rest of us, with the exception of Cancer, who is ruled by the tide- tugging Moon, are all ruled by the planets who simply orbit in wonder, magnetically drawn by the Sun's power.

So if you have been born as a Leo, you are a very special person on a very important mission. You are here to lead, to warm us all up with your passion for life.

You remind us that life should be lived to the full. And that, to some Leos, means walking into a room and having the effect of changing black and white into glorious Technicolor.

You're not all flamboyance, though. Indeed the typical Leo can be rather shy and wary of some situations. But it's as though you just sometimes tap into the Sun and come to life - and when you do, we're all the better for it.

Leos are vain, never the sort to be caught with flies undone or skirt tucked into knickers. You check every little detail of your appearance, and hate to have a hair out of place.

It is the royal sign, so it's no wonder that Princesses Anne and Margaret and the Queen Mother were all born under this sign. And, yes, your sign can sometimes be pompous and bossy, expecting respect and perhaps a few handmaidens around to wait on you.

But Leos are fiery and full of life, and usually have a wicked sense of humour which emerges as the good spirits flow, no doubt in more senses than one. Dustin Hoffman is a Leo renowned for his practical jokes and giggles.

This is a graceful, stylish starsign, born to appreciate the arts and all of life's finery. You love to entertain and like to have an audience.

You are often creative and have a knack of doing things just right, whether it's saying the right thing at the right time, giving a present or setting the scene for a gathering.

Whether it's as an artist or rock star or as the head of a family, you have that certain something that sets you apart, often as a much-admired leader.

You are someone who gets better with age, whose sharp edges in youth give way to a smoother brilliance, rather like a well cut diamond.

You're a superb parent, who usually brings up children with good manners, but a strong sense of their own identities. You encourage talent, and instill the importance of perseverance with skills. Leos are warm-hearted, generous and loyal. Stubborn as mules at times, but we always know where you stand on important matters. Steady as a rock.


OF major significance to you this year has to be the sign change, at last, of Saturn from the duty and career sector of your chart on April 20.

There was, of course, a brief phase in 2000 when this happened, but April 20 will see an end to Saturn's rigorous demands.

For the last couple of years, you have had to contend with sudden upsets, shake-ups and unexpected opposition. You may also have had to break away from undesirable ties which really weren't right for you, and to shoulder tough responsibilities.

All of the above may have been happening in full view of the world. You've been put up on a platform to see how you would do.

Sometimes you've triumphed and sometimes you've flopped, but you've been doing the best you could and a darn sight more than competently than most.

Maybe you are now planning to move on, or to draw back from being so much in charge of the heavy stuff. As Saturn moves forward on January 25, you may welcome a change.

I see you taking on a central role again, but this time it's what pleases, energises and inspires you. An action group could be all-important to some, as may a connection to the worlds of arts and entertainment, or to children.

You will be increasingly interested in something which will mean a great deal to a particular group of people, or maybe something that's terribly special for a child.

I see Leos being champions this year, maybe literally in sport, but also of precious causes, and your influence seems to breathe life and meaning into a special mission. Those whose opinions need to be changed will hear what you say, and be impressed.

Children could become significant, perhaps as a new challenge approaches in education, but you may be unusually involved with what's stopping and starting for someone born under Gemini or Sagittarius.

Look out for a major development concerning a lady in your life who will be telling you of a plan to uproot and relocate, or who will have big career news. Someone in your wider family circle will marry, perhaps abroad three months after a partner is promoted.

Something you've recently written or agreed to, or forms you've filled in, could lead to one of the liveliest periods you've had for ages. A solar eclipse in your 12th house in late June reveals a big clearout and possible reshuffle on the home front.

You may also go through an unusually busy time, going back and forward between two places, possibly due to what's happening with a friend or relative at a distance. Overseas ties seem to grow in importance this year.

Expect a big sigh of relief over an official matter around May and June.


AS Venus spends four months in the overseas part of your chart and Mars spends seven months in the love and pleasure sector, it has to be said that romance and love ties of all sorts will play an unusually important part in your plans for 2001.

Some Leos may be planning to change country, never mind home, in the name of passion. If you go through a time of kicking your heels waiting for news of a job, look to April 20 for the door of opportunity swinging open.

Official bodies look kindly on you from then on. Indeed, I see a shared dream being realised this year. June 25 could bring great relief over one potential stumbling block which will be removed, thanks to some great stroke of good luck for a partner.

This year brings a time when it will be easier to make moves and changes to partnerships, although the path of love may not be straight forward.

A phase of inner conflict between May 11 and July 19 is going to put pressure on love, but you must know that real love always finds its way. Some warring lovers could make a brand new start together - others will find the right way to walk away.

You will be able to take a journey to pursue love's dream in 2001 once you've got through an all-important chapter which will end on July 20. Partnerships should be gloriously successful and happy where nuptials and vows are made early in August.

Looking for new or true love? Socialise. Ruler planet Jupiter draws two together at weddings, schools, colleges and in transit. Journeys to big-city destinations could prove unusually eventful.

In fact, some Leos will find love in the middle of utter chaos. Sporting venues such as racecourses may bring soulmates together, too.

As Uranus continues to rock and shake many associations and partnerships, you will have times when you do feel like yelling. But this year does show surprising strength in unity and if your feelings for each other are strong, you will weather any tough patches better than usual.

Maybe you're preparing to cut ties and move into a new love and new life - in which case, you must try to make your endings as good as your beginnings in true Leo style. In other words, do it all wisely, fairly and well.

December loving is at its passionate best. Baby talk may mean you have major plans for 2002. Some warm-hearted Leos may decide to foster or adopt a new addition to the family.

Foreign love may be yours in 2001. Love in the midst of most unusual circumstances may flourish like an orchid in a concrete jungle. Expect many delightful surprises, and a few bumpy bits, too.

What you're aiming for in life and love could make real progress through some mad moments this year, and come to full fruition in 2002.


YOU'RE a good manager and organiser, and often very creatively gifted. Careers in areas where you can oversee projects, breathe a bit of colour and passion into them, suit you well.

The more active you are, the better, so don't jam yourself into a tiny office - keep moving and cracking your whip and making things happen. Leos do well in art, acting, sports and music.

Your responsibilities are inevitably going to change as old Saturn takes his rather tight and restrictive hold off of the career and ambitions area of your horoscope.

You will notice a welcome shift of tempo and signs of progress from January 25 when both Jupiter and Saturn move forward. Something awaited will happen. There may be promotion, a pay rise or a chance of a move you will love.

A tense and testing career period will be dispatched to history and, although memorable, you'll be mostly happy to see the back of it in April's third week.

From then on you will start humming away, whistling while you work, feeling less uptight, more on top of it all.

Saturn is the employment planet for you, with Venus - the ruler of ambitions. Those two are involved in a series of sensitive eclipses in July, and what's happening then may well lead to a job change in August.

Travel seems to play a big part in your life in 2001, perhaps for business. September looks like it will be a highly-active period for you, when your duties will see you scooting about, and very probably enjoying a huge sense of satisfaction from what you do.

A new role as agent or manager or perhaps even as a coach, could emerge this year. For many a Leo, this will be a challenge-filled, but not unbearably stressful, period.

You are very capable, as will be recognised by those who are in some way served by you in 2001.

Politically-minded Leos could have a change of tempo and you'll become very much better known for one significant project, where you will show huge passion and great resilience.

There will be a shiny new set of keys in your hands in connection with work before the end of December.

Older Leos may find a new way of working where it's possible to delegate more, if you can bear to. Try to find ways of enriching your life through a good balance of work and play.

A younger person who's so like you could hold the key to an easier pace becoming possible. Look to the earth sign people for reliability you can count on. Taurus and Capricorn are tops for you as helpers this year.


WE need to look at what's happening with your health zone ruler, Saturn, as well as significant moments for your sign ruler, the Sun, to check out your health chart for 2001.

There is a solar eclipse on June 21, which could mean you are going to sweep away some old habits this year.

Some of those habits may involve food and drink, or even secret fears about ancient history. Time now for a fresh start there, Leo. After all who needs to feel bad? You deserve a break.

You have had some lousy aspects over the last couple of years as far as the planets have been concerned, and this has been such a testing time that it would hardly be surprising if stress ailments had been creeping in and dragging you down.

I just hope you aren't soldiering on, with the pride preventing you from getting the attention you should have for anything that's giving you pain or discomfort.

It is good to note that, at last, the cosmic culprits are deciding, from April 20, to ease up and stop messing you good people about.

Saturn's angles in May and November are powerful, suggesting that it will be important to let past lessons and experiences be your guide in the handling of any concerns you may have at these times. Some Leos will have long-awaited improvement procedures carried out.

Leo, this year, especially for those over 50, sees possible consultation with an expert, but not necessarily about a crucial ailment. A chronic problem might at last get sorted. You could have something artificial or plastic prescribed, but only because you'll have asked for it.

From this summer onwards, you will not be willing to let anything stop you from being 100 per cent, and something special that's happening late summer/early autumn will be an incentive to be all you can be.

Some will have contact lenses or spectacles after pride has finally been beaten by necessity.

You seem to perk up in sunny climates and often feel reborn when warmed by the Sun, so do remember the sunscreen.

Feng Shui

Yin and Yang energy..

Levels of light and shade create the perfect yin and yang balance. Add a little more light to balance your yang energy, and feel invigorated yet stress free.

Bedroom feng shui..

Don't allow mirrors to reflect your bed as reflections reduce the strength of your love and may even attract eternal triangle type situations! Those ceiling mirror will have to go!

Paintings in the bedroom..

Keep pictures of wild creatures out of your bedroom. They'll make you uneasy in tender moments and worse still, may cause money loss!
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