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Lending rise as e-books are trialled in libraries.

Byline: Patrick Joseph Reporter

ASCHEME to make e-books available to library users has seen impressive results.

The e-book pilot is being run at four locations around the country, including Newcastle's libraries.

And since the start of the scheme in April, e-book loans having increased by 78% from last year.

In the first month of the scheme alone, 3,358 e-books were borrowed, while 46% of all borrowed were books not normally available to loan from public libraries.

The pilot aims to carry out realtime research into the impact e-book lending in public libraries has on authors, publishers and on libraries themselves so that e-book lending can be available more widely.

Coun David Stockdale, deputy cabinet member for public health, culture, leisure and libraries, said: "Libraries recognise that not everyone prefers to read a hard copy of a book.

"With the ever-increasing ownership of digital devices such as e-readers, libraries have an important role to play in helping people to borrow digital titles."

The pilot scheme aims to find out exactly which e-books people are reading, in real time.

City libraries manager, David Fay, said: "We're really pleased at the success of this pilot, which shows there is a high demand for e-book libraries have a role loans.

to play in helping people to borrow digital "Not all e-books published are available for libraries to loan, so we hope this means a greater choice will be available for our readers in the future."

titles Coun David Stockdale " Newcastle Libraries members can download the e-book titles online through their website or by using an app on their mobile device provided by e-book supplier Overdrive. The ebooks can be borrowed for 21 days and there are no late fees as titles are returned automatically

Libraries have a role to play in helping people to borrow digital titlesCoun David Stockdale


E-book devices <Bsuch as the Kindle, below, are proving popular when compared to traditional books
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 4, 2014
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