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Len Capeling: Cast net wide for a Goodison visionary; Where are millionaire fans to force Gregg's hand?

Byline: Len Capeling

WANTED desperately, a man with the visionary powers to build a dream on.

That's what Everton supporters most desire as the club scrapes along on its wheel rims, sparks flying, and no one in the driver's seat.

Premiership safety is assured,but only for now.

And with the boardroom's only big idea being to raise ticket prices by as much as 10 times the rate of inflation, the prospects look as enticing as a rottweiler attaching itself to your fingertips Paul Gregg still lingers. And the only person brave enough to answer questions is reliable Michael Dunford, the deliverer -as ever -of extremely bad news gussied up as a uniq ue opportunity to go forward.

Wot, no word from Bill Kenwright, the great evangeliser?Er,no.

None, either, from joint owner, P Gregg,off on a Florida frolic,no doubt.

Another depressing season passes on by and, ultimately,another few misconceptions are laid to rest.

With debts escalating,and losses soaring, with no one attracting any big money in, the question is how to drive the Blues forward rather than seeing them remain mired in an annual flap to escape relegation.

Sadly, the visionary I mentioned at the outset is conspicuous by his absence,as if the world's Evertonians never went in for becoming major millionaires like Jack Hayward and Jack Wa lker.

That lack of wealthy blue bloods allowed in outsider Peter Johnson, to be followed just as swiftly by Paul Gregg,an absentee landlord who makes Johnson seem like a saint.

Even Liverpool have a multimillion are sugar daddy hovering, ready to put the thumbscrews on David Moores and Rick Parry. But a Goodison Steve Morgan is harder to find than optimism.

Would a few wanted notices on the internet maybe flush out the man Everton fans pray for? Unlikely. But worth a try,and not only for the sake of loyal fans who fear that the next big idea from the men in suits will be the sale of Wayne Rooney.

As with the massive increase in season ticket prices the money will melt away, like the transfer fees for Michael Ball and Francis Jeffers.

Any thought that the exasperated David Moyes might benefit from a Wayne windfall,or any intake of cash, is as fantastical as any PR fairytale. That's not the way it's done at Goodison.

As ever, Moyes is left to scrabble through other club's dumpsters in the hope of discovering something usable. His pleas for more cash,more help to compete, fall on switched-off hearing aids.

And the multi-millionaire brought in to make a difference by Bill Kenwright sits counting his bank notes without a though for those who've invested their lives in the Blues they love.


Is Goodison director Paul Gregg (left) speaking about ploughing more money into Everton football club with Bill Kenwright (right)?
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 5, 2004
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