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Lemon-bashing turns a profit.

Lemon-Bashing Turns A Profit

Let the seller beware: AUTO CRITIC, a mobile inspection service, is helping to make sure that used-car buyers no longer get stuck with "lemons."

When a consumer locates what he or she thinks is a terrific deal, AUTO CRITIC travels to the scene via a specially equipped van and performs a 45-minute, 90-point, bumper-to-bumper vehicle inspection.

One of the company's master automotive technicians also inspects the vehicle, accompanies the potential buyer on a performance test drive, and reviews the inspection results with the once-puzzled buyer.

"We subject the vehicle to a tough, comprehensive inspection to insure that used car buyers get a good car," Rick Love, president of the Little Rock franchise, explains.

"Our purpose is not to prevent them from buying or selling the used vehicle - there are many good used vehicles out there." For Love, it's just a question of separating the good ones from the not-so-good ones.

"No one wants to buy a lemon," Love emphasizes, adding that AUTO CRITIC is unique in that it provides the consumer with someone who can give an unbiased assessment. The company also works with credit unions, banks and car dealers, and recently expanded its services to include fleets.

Ron Dunn, manager of the five-month-old, Texas-based franchise, says that an AUTO CRITIC inspection is valuable because it provides the buyer with a negotiating tool. "You can say this is what's wrong with it and fix it," he notes, "or make them knock the price down."

"We've saved the average consumer anywhere from $200 to $2,000 off asking prices," Dunn says. "But then some have even changed their minds. Occasionally they'll say after an inspection, |Uh, I don't really want this car'."

Love adds, "I see tremendous opportunities. There are nothing but cars, everywhere. Now, customers will know what they are buying."
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Date:Nov 12, 1990
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