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Leitich, Cynthia Smith. Diabolical.

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Leitich, Cynthia Smith. Diabolical. Candlewick, 2012. 368p. $17.99. 978-0763651183.

If the Harry Potter and Twilight series conceived a child, Diabolical would be it. This supernatural story takes place at a mysteriously dangerous boarding school where handpicked students take courses with titles such as Alchemy & Incantations, Demonic History, Underground Governments, and Physical Fitness & Combat. Think Hogwarts. But move over Jacob, there is a new werewolf in town named Kieren. His girlfriend, Quincie, is a vampire and his best friend, Zachary, is a fallen angel who lost his wings when he revealed himself to a human teen and fell in love with her. Together, this menagerie of magical creatures pretend to enlist at this spooky academy in order to protect another friend, Lucy, who has recently enrolled and whose life may be in peril due to the supernatural shenanigans that occur at this demonic school.

It is at this juncture in the story that the macabre and deliciously haunting charm of the story blossoms with devilish teachers who behead students for disobeying school rules; memos to and from the archangel Michael and his various guardian angels; a few sinister secrets kept by the creepy school handyman; and the thrilling rescue of Lucy from the clutches of Satan himself. For readers who are thirsting for more dark, paranorreal fiction, this novel fits the bill. While the characters tend to be flat and underdeveloped at times and a few subplots seem to be dropped midway through the novel, less discriminating readers of this genre will devour it with the exuberant slurps of a happy, blood-sucking vampire.--Suzanne Osman.

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Author:Osman, Suzanne
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2012
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