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Leiomyoma: an unusual pleural tumor: letters to the editor/Leiomyoma: nadir bir plevral tumor: editore mektup.

Dear Editor,

I have read the manuscript titled "Leiomyoma: An Unusual Pleural Tumor: Report of a Case" by Turhan et al. [1] published between the pages 53-55 in Turkish Respiratory Journal, issue number 9(1) of 2008. I should, firstly, congratulate the authors because of their successful treatment of such a rare case. Indeed, I want to point out some remarks about this manuscript.

No diagnosis of the case was made during preoperative period. However, preoperative accurate tissue diagnosis by histopathological examination in the chest wall tumors is one of the keys to successful management, and it will determine the optimum surgical treatment method [2,3]. For the purpose of tissue diagnosis, computed tomography-guided transthoracic fine-needle aspiration should be the biopsy method to be preferred in this case because of both for the proper localization of the tumor and being minimally traumatic to the primary tumor and surrounding tissue, and also its easy application and low complication rate. Nonetheless, performing the histopathological examination by means of perioperative frozen section method will allow determining whether the tumor is benign or malign. Thus, it would be possible to have the complete excision of the tumor by constituting adequate margins, minimizing the incidence of recurrence and maximizing the chance for long-term survival. Besides, depending on the results obtained in this type of tumors by frozen section, it would be possible to avoid incomplete resection or unnecessary wide surgical resection and chest wall reconstruction. That these tumors have, though low, a malignant potential supports the necessity of diagnosis methods we have mentioned.

Best regards.


[1.] Turhan K, Cakan A, Cagirici U. Leiomyoma: An Unusual Pleural Tumor: Report of a Case Turkish Respiratory Journal 2008;9:53-5.

[2.] Park BJ, Rusch VW. Chest wall tumors. In: Shields TW, Locicero III J, Ponn RB, Rusch VW; eds. General Thoracic Surgery. 6th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2005;710-21.

[3.] Incarbone M, Pastorino U. Surgical treatment of chest wall tumors. World J Surg. 2001;25:218-30.

Sami Karapolat

9 Eylul University, Chest Surgery, Izmir, Turkey

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Author:Karapolat, Sami
Publication:Turkish Thoracic Journal
Geographic Code:7TURK
Date:Dec 1, 2008
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