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Leinenkugel unveils new package graphics and year-long distribution.

Leinenkugel unveils new package graphics and year-long distribution

Leinenkugel's Original Premium and Leinenkugel's Light beers will now be available in 12-12-oz. and 24 12-oz. loose-can packages, according to the brewer.

"Consumers can now enjoy the cool refreshing taste of Leinenkugel's in the convenient loose-can package in two sizes," explained Jake Leinenkugel, brewery president. "The introduction of these packages coincides with our distinctive new can-carrier packaging graphics which highlight Leinenkugel's historic roots in Chippewa Falls and highlight our trademark."

The new graphics emphasize the bright red and blue colors that are signatures of Leinenkugel's brands. The packages are accented with metallic watermarks of the Leinenkugel's script repeated across the brands' packaging surfaces.

At the same time, Leinenkugel announced the brewery's Leinenkugel Limited, a hearty Octoberfest-styled beer, which was previously sold only during the fall, will now be available all year long.

"We have watched Leinenkugel's Limited grow rapidly in popularity with beer drinkers each year since it first entered the market," Leinenkugel said. "In response to growing consumer demand, we're now pleased to offer it all year long."

PHOTO : LEINENKUGEL'S LIMITED, previously available only during the fall of each year, can now be found year-round throughout the Midwest.
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Title Annotation:Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 23, 1991
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