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Leinenkugel marks its 125th birthday with label redesign.

The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. recently unveiled a new label design for its Original and Light beers to help celebrate the brewer's 125th anniversary.

San Francisco's Curtis Design created the commemorative can design by studying antique containers and utilizing that historical appeal.

"We took many visual cues from actual turn-of-the-century cans on display in the Leinennkugel archives," reported company president David Curtis. "We studied the hand lettering and graphic styles of the late 1800s, then rejuvenated them to communicate with today's beer consumers.

"Strong branding gives the Original and Light beer a cohesive family," Curtis continued, "while the blue and red banners act as the brands' flavor designators."

The cans were to be released late last month when a special commemorative promotion began, and the are randomly placed in 12-and 24-pack carriers.

"These cans were designed to commemorate the old-world heritage that began when my great-great grandfather opened the Leinenkugel Brewery back in 1867," said Jake Leinenkugel, the brewery's current president. "Lucky winners will enjoy the refreshing taste of our beer, and they'll be $125 richer when they find these special cans."
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Title Annotation:Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 15, 1992
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