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Lehman Bros reunion.

SAY YOU'VE PLAYED A leading role in tanking the economy. Say you ran Lehman Brothers--t the ground in 2008 causing a global financial panic and the most severe and intractable recession since the 1930s. Would you suffer le consequences? dumped from other boards? Be reduced ling pencils on street and dining ramen noodles? Not exactly. Behold the while Lehmanites--it they did then and it they're doing now.

Joseph M. Gregory Jr.

THEN: president, COO (2004-2008)

NOW: unemployed; suing to recover $ 233 million in deferred compensation form Lehman

Sir Christopher Gent

THEN: board member

NOW: GlaxoSmithKline non-executive chairman

John ND. Macomber

THEN: board member

NOW: JDM Investment Group principal

Henry Kaufman

THEN: board member NOW: Henry Kaufman and Company president

Thomas Russo

THEN: vice chairman, chief legal officer

NOW: AIG executive vice president and general counsel

John F. Akers

THEN: board member

NOW: W.R. Grace and Company board member

Scott Freidheim

THEN: executive vice president co-chief administrative officer NOW: Investcorp International vice chairman

Roland Hernandez

THEN: board member NOW: Hernandez Media Ventures founding principal; MGM Resort international board member

Michael Ainslie

THEN: board member NOW: private investor

Herbert "Bart" McDade

THEN: president, COO (June-September 2008) NOW: River Birch Capital founder and partner

Michael Gelband

THEN: head of global capital markets NOW: Millennium Management global head of fixed income

Roger Berlind

THEN: board member NOW: theatrical producer (most recently,

Marsha Evans

THEN: board NOW: Weight Watchers International board member

Jeremy Isaacs

THEN: CFO of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East NOW: JRJ Group founding partner; Marex Spectron board chairman

Hugh "Skip" McGee

THEN: head of global investment banking; NOW: Barclays Americas chief executive

Erin Callan

THEN: CFO (2007-2008) NOW: After working at Credit Suisse, left to concentrate: on family (wrote a March 2013 New York Times op-ed, "Is There life after Work?")

Jesse Bhattal

THEN: Asia-Pacific CEO NOW: Lazard senior adviser

Ian Lowitt

THEN: CFO (2008) NOW: Marex Spectron CFO

Richard S. Fuld Jr.

THEN: chairman and CEO NOW: Matrix managing member/owner; lost his securities license in 2012

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Author:Brodner, Steve
Publication:The American Prospect
Date:Mar 1, 2014
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