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Lehigh schedules 36th annual latex short course, June 6-10.

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, will hold its 36th annual one-week short course entitled, "Advances in Emulsion Polymerization and Latex Technology," on June 6-10, 2005 in their Sinclair Laboratory Auditorium. The course is designed for engineers, chemists, other scientists and managers actively involved in emulsion work, and persons who wish to develop expertise in the area.

An in-depth study of the synthesis and properties of high polymer latexes, the course material includes a balance of theory and application as well as a balance between chemical and physical problems. Lectures will be given by leading academic and industrial personnel and will include introductory material and review and will progress through recent research results.

A preliminary program is as follows:

Monday, June 6

"Kinetics of Free Radical-Initiated Polymerization"--F. Joseph Schork

"Emulsion Polymerization Mechanisms and Kinetics"--Gary W. Poehlein

"The Role of Surfactants in Emulsion Polymerization Processes"--Mohamed S. El-Aasser

"Industrial Uses of Latexes"--Do Ik Lee

Tuesday, June 7

"Stabilization Mechanisms in Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Latexes"--Mohamed S. El-Aasser

"Engineering of Emulsion Polymerization Reactors"--Gary W. Poehlein

"Semi-Continuous Emulsion Polymerization and Structured Latexes"--Michael F. Cunningham

"Details of Emulsion Polymerization through Reaction Calorimetry"--E. David Sudol

Wednesday, June 8

"Advances in Miniemulsion Polymerization"--Mohamed S. El-Aasser

"Experimental Methods for the Characterization of Latex Particle Size and Particle Size Distribution"--Cesar A. Silebi

"High-Solids Latex Technology"--Do Ik Lee

"Sensors and Control of Emulsion Polymerization Reactors"--F. Joseph Schork

Thursday, June 9

"Living-Controlled Radical Polymerization in Bulk, Emulsion, and Miniemulsion"--Michael F. Cunningham

"Film Formation and Cohesive Strength Development from Latex Systems"--Andrew Klein

"Latex Rheology"--Cesar Silebi

"Mixing Scale-Up in Emulsion Polymerization"--Andrew Klein

Friday, June 10

"Future Directions for Polymer Colloids"--Michael F. Cunningham

"Mechanisms and Examples of Crosslinking in Latex Systems"--Eric S. Daniels

"Thermally Expandable Polymer Microspheres"--Andrew Klein

Registration for the course is $1350 for the entire week or $550 per day for any part.

For more information, contact Dr. Mohamed S. El-Aasser, Director, Emulsion Polymers Institute, at 610.758.3602; fax: 610.758.5880; mse[empty set]; or visit:[empty set]/epihome.html.
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