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Legg Mason and ethics.

Jack O'Dwyer's Newsletter ran an article on April 6th on PRSA's "ethics summit," a forum that followed the recent revelations of PR firms' contracting with government agencies to promote their programs through faux journalists.

Catherine Bolton, COO of PRSA, said that young PR people "need to see the benefits of acting ethically." Asked for examples of ethical business leaders, one participant cited Chip Mason of Legg Mason.

In O'Dwyer's letter to Bolton protesting their extensive use of his website while paying for only two subscriptions, he wrote,

"We publishers need to be paid for our services. I'm not thinking of legal action but the Legg Mason brokerage just paid $19.7 million to the Lowry Report because Legg Mason staffers downloaded the Lowry e-newsletter and put it on the company's intranet without paying for it." (NL/NL 7/22/04)

One person's ethics is another person's litigation.

O'Dwyer concluded his letter to Bolton: "The legal principle is that people should observe copyright and pay for what they get, even material from the internet.

"Information is the life-blood of America and especially the PR field. PRSA spends about $500,000 a year on travel, meals and hotels for leaders and members. Spending a few thousand on information and news is not out of line.

"A piece of information can change a person's life or business," O'Dwyer wrote.
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Date:Apr 20, 2005
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