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Legal collective.

Manavi's Legal Clinic continued to be held twice a month, alternating between New Brunswick and Jersey City, in the year 2006. The clinic is for South Asian women who are in abusive relationships and have no income, low income or no access to their income. It provides a free half-hour consult with a Family and Immigration law attorney in a culturally sensitive and linguistically accessible environment. From January 2006 till November 2006 Manavi had 22 clinics which served 94 women. The clinics would not be possible without our team of dedicated volunteer attorneys--we thank you for your time and commitment.

Some highlights from the year 2006:

--The second part of the Advocates Training was held at the Manavi office in February. Attorneys Anish Joshi and Sheetal Patel came in and trained the volunteers on Family law and Immigration law as they pertain to Manavi's work.

--Manavi published a legal handbook called "Know Your Rights--A Legal Guide For South Asian Women Facing Domestic Violence" in the summer. The handbook contains information about the legal system in New Jersey as it relates to domestic violence. It was made possible by a grant from the IOLTA Fund of New Jersey.

--This summer, our legal intern Keely Swan worked on Project Zamin, established to assist battered South Asian women in need of immigration assistance, specifically those seeking VAWA relief or asylum. This project aims to create a national network of experts with the aim of providing culturally competent testimony, as well as to develop a body of country-specific knowledge to document the hardship that abused women may face if deported to their home countries. Project Zamin is targeted to become a connection point for the battered woman, her attorney, and the cultural expert, enabling the attorney to develop an appropriate legal brief for the woman's case.

--In September, Manavi staff and volunteers received a training on Immigration law with an emphasis on the Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA) from attorney Asma Chaudry of the Boaz Community Corporation. The Boaz Community Corporation is a not-for-profit community development organization dedicated to providing counseling on immigration matters.
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Title Annotation:Collective Updates
Publication:Manavi Newsletter
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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