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Legal Rights Bookshelf.

MS: Your Legal Rights, by Lanny Perkins, Esq. and Sara Perkins, Esq.

A comprehensive guide to working with doctors and lawyers, making choices about employment and income, MS and your job, disability and other federal benefits, insurance issues, dealing with taxes, family law, handling debts, and getting around with MS.

Demos Medical Publishing, Inc., 1999. 2nd Edition. $19. 95.

Health Insurance: How to Get It, Keep It, or Improve What You've Got, by Robert Enteen, PhD

Explains how to locate and evaluate coverage, compare costs, and obtain maximum benefits; outlines strategies for finding insurance; highlights current health trends, managed care, state-by-state insurance options; has special section for persons with disabilities; discusses the implications of ADA; and includes a comprehensive options checklist.

Demos Medical Publishing, Inc., 1996. 2nd Edition. $29.95.

A Guide to Legal Rights for People with Disabilities, by Marc D. Stolman, Esq.

An overview of the rights of access, employment, insurance, government benefits, estate planning, and debt problems for people with disabilities. The book also explains enforcement of those rights: hiring a lawyer and complaining to agencies.

Demos Medical Publishing, Inc., 1994. $24.95.

Many chapter libraries have these books. To order Demos books, write: 386 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016; or call: 800-532-8663. There is a $4 shipping and handling charge for each order.
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Date:Mar 22, 1999
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