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Legal Peril: 8 Management Pitfalls to Avoid.

Legal Peril: 8 Management Pitfalls to Avoid, Video, 2007, Coastal Training Technologies, $745.

Support: leader's guide, PowerPoint presentation.

Read a newspaper or view a newscast and you'll often learn about yet another employee-related legal claim being filed. These cases are going on in both state and federal courts. According to a study, one in five managers can expect to be named in some form of employment related charge or litigation during the course of his or her career. Who knew it was it was such a frequent occurrence?

With odds like that, employers must be proactive and provide their managers and frontline staff with training that will help them to avoid the most common mistakes which can lead to lawsuits.

Legal Peril: 8 Management Pitfalls to Avoid consists of a DVD and handbook. The handbook is a 16-page desk reference with 12 chapters (examples: "Knowing the Legal Basics," "Unfair and Inconsistent Treatment," "Privacy/Confidentially Breaches") and a quiz. It provides a nice synopsis for each of the eight pitfalls.

The 10-question quiz tests key learning, and there is an option for employees to sign the quiz, indicating they have read and understood the handbook. The signed page can be included in their training file.

Besides the video program, the DVD has these options and features. There is a program outline and a stand-alone PowerPoint presentation that highlights major program content and includes links to relevant video segments. The bonus material section furnishes more slide presentation content: "The Interview" gives detailed suggestions for conducting a job interview and "It's a Wrap" summarizes the eight pitfalls. The review content is helpful; however, the presentation format is a bit silly. The PowerPoint presentation can be customized in order to include pertinent company-specific information.

The leader's guide is furnished as a printable file on the DVD.

Harry Hamlin, the actor best known for a long running role on the TV series LA Law, is the on-screen narrator of the video. He does a fine job throughout the 23-minute program. The set is somewhat hokey: a giant scale of justice, fire pits, and Grecian columns.

The DVD presents a brief, solid example of a manager falling into each of the eight pitfalls and then taking appropriate action. Coastal made good choices with the vignettes.

There is a moment of melodrama following each of the "before" vignettes in which the manager is testifying in an imaginary courtroom. It is harmless and helps to make a good point about the real possibility of legal ramifications. An attorney also provides some additional insights for each of the pitfalls. Again, good information for the learner.

The leader's guide is well done and a good resource for the training facilitator. All the materials are professionally produced and have a quality appearance.


Legal Peril: 8 Management Pitfalls to Avoid would be a wise investment for any (and every) company seeking to arm their management team with realistic information for their daily interactions with employees and job candidates. A training session using these materials will build a solid foundation, and the handbook is an easy-to-use quick reference summary of each of the mistakes management needs to avoid.

Review by Donna Walsh
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Legal Peril: 8 Management Pitfalls to Avoid

Overall rating *** 1/2
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Author:Walsh, Donna
Publication:Training Media Review
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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