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Legal Community Joins Together To Offer Free Class To Portland High School Students.

Business Editors, Education Writers

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 14, 2003

Thirty speakers, fifteen law firms, one church and a bakery have banded together to offer a free morning lecture series in constitutional studies to Portland high school students during their unexpected "days off."

The lecture series will take place each weekday 8 a.m.-noon, March 17-20 and May 14-June 11 - days of school that otherwise would be lost due to the state's budget crisis. The classes are open to all Portland high school students who either have taken or are interested in taking a course on the United States Constitution. It is offered free of charge to students and to the public. Each class will begin at 8 a.m. with fresh baked goods and a lecture and discussion, after which students will go in small groups to the offices of private downtown law firms that have made their library facilities available for study. Homework will be assigned. Credit for the hours of direct instruction may be available.

The lecture speakers include lawyers, judges, authors, and legal educators. The participating law firms are Ater Wynne, Ball Janik, Bullivant Houser, Davis Wright, Dunn Carney, Lane Powell, Lindsay Hart, Markowitz Herbold, Meyer & Wyse, Miller Nash, Perkins Coie, Preston Gates, Schwabe Williamson, Stoel Rives, and Tonkon Torp. The bakery is Great Harvest Bread Company.

Lecture topics include "George Washington and His Times", "Government...for the People", "The Death Penalty", and "Education and the Right to Privacy". A complete list of the series is included with this release.

Portland Public Schools are scheduled to lose 24 days of instruction this spring. Although we cannot begin to compensate for the loss of learning this represents, the members of the community mentioned above will offer a course of instruction on the Constitution to continue the civic education of Portland's high school students. In doing so, the organizers hope to symbolize their belief in children and the importance of public education.

The First Congregational United Church of Christ is located at 1126 S.W. Park Avenue. Students interested in attending should register by contacting Jill Gomery, Curriculum Vice President, Lincoln High School, at 916-5200 or,

 Portland School District
First Congregational United Church of Christ
1126 S.W. Park Avenue
(corner of Park and Madison)

 Portland Citizens

 TIME: 8:00 a.m.

--------------- --------------- -------------------- ------
Barnes Ellis Stoel Rives LLP The Right to Counsel March

Jefferson Smith Stoel Rives LLP The Progressive Era: March
 Roosevelt, Hand and 18

Stephen Kafoury Stephen Kafoury The Legislative Process March
 Government in Theory and Practice 19

Brian Posewitz Tonkon Torp LLP Freedom of Speech in March
 the Schools 20
Brian Booth Justice William O.
 Douglas and Freedom of

Darian Stanford Stoel Rives LLP Religious Liberty in May
 America 14

Hon. Neil Neil Goldschmidt, "Government... for May
 Goldschmidt Inc. the People" 15

Hon. Ancer Haggerty United States A Dialogue on Freedom May
 District Court 16
Hon. Ellen Rosenblum Multnomah County
 Circuit Court

Phillip Margolin Author How a Real Case Travels May
 from the Multnomah 19
 County Courthouse to
 the United States
 Supreme Court

Phillip Chadsey Stoel Rives LLP From Magna Carta to May
 Stix Occidentalis 20

William Long Willamette Law The Death Penalty May
 School 21
Norman Frink Multnomah County
 District Attorney's

Stephen Kanter Northwestern The Unfulfilled Promise May
 School of Law of the Declaration of 22

Roy Pulvers Lindsay Hart Neil The Initiative May
 & Weigler LLP 23

Hon. Susan Graber Ninth Circuit Law and Poetry May
 Court of Appeals 27
Stephen Griffith Stoel Rives LLP

Robert Stacey 1000 Friends of Does Mt. Hood Have May
 Oregon Property Rights? 28

Alison Brody Miller Nash LLP Oregon Schools, Oregon May
Michael Porter Courts 29

Hon. Jack Landau Oregon Court of It All Happened Here: May
 Appeals Oregon Cases in the 30
 U.S. Supreme Court

Charles Hinkle Stoel Rives LLP Private Rights and June
 Public Duties 2

James Carter Nike, Inc. Commercial Speech and June
 the Global Economy 3

James Westwood Stoel Rives LLP George Washington and June
 His Times 4

Stephen Bushong Oregon Department Drugs and Federalism: June
 of Justice The Constitution, the 5
Erin Lagesen Stoel Rives LLP Controlled Substances
 Act and State Regulation
 of Medical Practice

Hon. Wallace Oregon Supreme An Independent June
 Carson Court Judiciary 6

Hon. Thomas Balmer Oregon Supreme Oliver Wendell Holmes June
 Court and the Common Law 9

Timothy Volpert Davis Wright Education and the Right June
Shelly Larkins Tremaine LLP to Privacy: 10
 Vernonia School
 District v. Acton

Harold Hart Citizen If Lincoln Were Alive June
 Today 11

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Date:Feb 14, 2003
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