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Below is a selected sampling of current books, articles, and dissertations relevant to the study of American women writers from the seventeenth through the early twentieth centuries. Prices unless otherwise indicated are for hardcover editions.



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Gardner, Thomas. A Door Ajar: Contemporary Writers and Emily Dickinson. New York: Oxford UP, 2006. 270 pp. $36.00.

See also the Emily Dickinson Journal.


See Staples on Austin.


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Black, Cheryl. "'Making Queer New Things': Queer Identities in the Life and Dramaturgy of Susan Glaspell." Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism 20.1 (2005): 49-64.


See Staples on Austin.


Sanborn, Geoffrey. "Mother's Milk: Frances Harper and the Circulation of Blood." ELH 72 (2005): 691-715.


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See Petrie on Cather.


Mitchell, Verner D. This Waiting for Love: Helene Johnson, Poet of the Harlem Renaissance. Amherst: U of Massachusetts P, 2006. 160 pp. $18.95 paper.


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See Abate on Alcott.

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See Dickey on Glaspell.


Birchall, Diana. Onoto Watanna: The Story of Winnifred Eaton. Chicago: U of Illinois P, 2006. 296 pp. $29.95/$20.00 paper.

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See Jirousek on Hurston.


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