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Left-handed windage knobs.

Left-handed Windage Knobs

You don't always need to listen to customers grumble about those scope turret windage knobs sticking out over the right side of their rifle's ejection port. if you have crosshairs, dot or uniform duplex reticles, you or your gunsmith can loosen the scope rings enough to give the scope a quarter turn to the left, then re-tighten the rings. This positions the original windage adjustment knob on top of your customer's scope for use as the elevation knob. It also positions the original elevation knob to now serve as the windage adjustment.

Wherever possible also consider removing the scope from the rings and re-installing with the rings' attaching screws also on the left side of the action. This leaves the action ejection port open for easier single loading and more positive ejection.

Possibly confusing to a few inexperienced shooters will be the fact that the adjustment knob on top of the scope is now marked for left and right, (erroneously now) but it will work just as effectively for elevation (up or down). Remeber the adjustment knob on the left side of your scope no longer responds as it is marked, but becomes your left and right windae adjustment (som turrets on target-type scopes can be removed and swapped).

Silhouette, bench rest and other target shooters will have no problems with this scope positioning, as we know turning a scope adjustment knob on the side of the scope counter-clockwise, (outward) moves the point of impact LEFT. Moving the adjustment knob on top of the scope counter-clockwise moves the point of impact UP, just as it did before. You and your customers will easily adapt and get used to disregarding the knob markings after this change.

My Anschutz silhouette rifle gave miserable loading restrictions when an older Weaver T-10 scope, with large turret-type knobs, was mounted on it with 1" rings. The right windage knob prevented me from single loading empty cases used for dry-firing and almost prevented loading live rounds properly. Bullet noses were often damaged upon loading.

I substituted a Tasco 6-24 power variable silhouette scope and changed to Beeman high air rifle rings and mounts. This gave the Tasco scope ample clearance (57mm objective), yet with the regular mounting still placed the windage adjustment knob over the ejection/loading port, offering no improvement over the T-10. I turned the Tasco scope one quarter turn to the left, placing the windage knob on top creating more room for precise loading and trouble-free ejection.

Moving Ring Clamp Screws

To the Left Side

The scope rings were turned to place the attaching screws on the left side of the action, thus eliminating all obstructions from the right (loading) side. The extra height of the Beeman mount gives clearance for easy single loading of all types of .22 LR cartridges. Any power ring or parallax adjustments remain the same, just offset to the left.

Manufacturer Take Note

The right-hand windage adjustments of present scopes do great on left-handed actions. The majority of shooters are right-handed. Why not make a scope with the windage turret on the left side for us? Names, imprints and other surface features can be relocated as required. This mounting system change would solve a lot of headaches for right-handed shooters in the sporting fields. If the demand justified it, even post-crooshair reticles could be arranged to mount the scope with the windage knob on the left side.

Change Mounting


Emphasis could be placed on attaching those Weaver-type detachable scope rings so the large knurled knobs (scre clamps) are on the left side of the action, out of the way of ejection-loading ports. (Scope instructions could be handled in a similar manner.) There has never been any solid-fast reason for having the screws on the right other than most shooters being right-handed.

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Title Annotation:re-positioning windage knobs on rifles
Author:Schumaker, William
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Oct 1, 1990
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