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Left terrified - by feisty cook.

THE doughty and many-talented Clarissa Dickson Wright, that large cook now the relict of BBC's Two Fat Ladies, has never struck me as a retiring woman.

To witness Clarissa striding out to rural pursuits in her floppy woolly hat, a Barbour, tweed knickerbockers tucked into bright yellow socks that give her a passing likeness to an outsize Muscovy duck, is to be in the presence of a 2012 Boudicca.

Or so I thought. Now she tells us she "felt threatened" in Leicester by "Muslim men in national dress with burkawearing wives a yard behind them".

"They wouldn't talk to me I was a pariah, an outcast, in the city in the middle of my own country".

A few of the usual cry-baby Muslims have complained - but I suspect that Clarissa misread her problem.

The blokes she asked for help were terrified of her, not discriminatory.

Put gravel in a coffeegrinder, add a slug of brandy and switch on. You'll hear her voice and understand male Muslim fear.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 23, 2012
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