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Lee's number is up with his Baby.

BUTTER-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth Baby Spice has broken the heart of 911's Lee Brennan.

The besotted singer, who started dating Emma last year, had hoped to catch up with La Blonde Spice in Dublin and introduce her to his family when he flew his mum and sister there for his ma's birthday.

But while Emma, 22, was luxuriating in the pounds 1,000-a-night K Club in Dublin, Lee and his family made do with the pounds 50-a-night Jury's Hotel near Sheriff Street - one of Dublin's dodgiest areas.

And try as he might, Baby wouldn't return his calls.

Poor old Lee, 23, ended up dateless and out with mum Una, his sister and her mates at brasserie Chez Jules for a bite to eat. And while his sister carried on sampling Dublin's famous night life into the wee small hours, Lee returned to his hotel at around 11pm, still hoping for THAT call.

It didn't come, and Lee and his family returned home the next day - his mum to Carlisle and Lee, dejectedly, to London.

An insider told me: "He was waiting for Emma to call, but nothing happened and he ended up going out with his mother and sister. At the end of the night he went back to the hotel a very sad sight. He looked absolutely morbid - after all she was staying just down the road and she was in all evening.

"She just didn't bother calling."

Lee's mum Una told me: "We went out for a meal and he just stayed at the hotel with us. He didn't manage to link up with her. Lee and Emma aren't together."

Not so long ago, Emma had invited her Lee to a New Year's knees-up at a castle in Ireland so that the rest of the Spices could give him the once over.

Just last month he had said: "We get on like a house on fire."

Now it looks as though Emma has put out those flames - without stopping to tell Lee.


SUPER boozer Noel Gallagher has been secretly taping some of his pop friends talking gibberish when they're drunk, and he plans to release the banter as a record.

"I have started leaving dictaphones on around the house when I have people over," the Oasis star revealed. "I want to release an album of spoken word called Noel And His Mates Talking Rubbish at Supernova Heights. Weller would be babbling on about how there were mods on other planets. And the rest of us would be taking the mick, saying we've seen UFV's, Unidentified Flying Vespas.

"Wouldn't you pay good money to hear Paul Weller, Shaun Ryder and Goldie, our kid and me off our heads at my place talking about whether there is life on other planets?"

Pay good money? Actually Noel (apart from making me wonder if there's any intelligent life at Supernova Heights) I'd rather have surgery with a rusty church key - and no anaesthetic!

SUPERMODEL Caprice is to get her own TV show in which she will gallivant around the world to her favourite places (nice work, if you can get it!).

In Heavens On Earth the former Wonderbra model will choose 10 sensational destinations, catching up with the great and the good (including more than a smattering of her closest friends) along the way. Filming starts next month and likely destinations include Mauritius and Thailand, so there'll be plenty of chances for her to flaunt the curves that made her famous.

Caprice has recently said that she wants to move from modelling into acting before her public get bored, and has been taking luvvie lessons for four years.

Having just been replaced by model Lili Maltese as the spokeswoman for California Prunes, she no doubt hopes her international jaunts in front of the camera will prove that she still has that get up and go...

Cameron's pounds 35m ship comes in

WITH Titanic about to become the first $1billion grossing film in history, director James Cameron must be kicking himself for giving up his percentage of the profits to help out when the film went over budget. His sacrifice amounts to pounds 35million. But, I'm reliably informed, given the staggering financial success of the pounds 140million movie, not to mention its 14 Oscar nominations, its co-financiers Fox and Paramount now think it may be churlish to ignore Cameron. Particularly as Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio getting $1million bonuses each. "They want to do the right thing," says my spy. "Cameron also gave up his $10 million directing fee." Could this be the first disaster movie with a happy ending?

AUSSIE popsters Kylie Minogue and sister Dannii have gone to great lengths over recent years to avoid being photo-graphed together. But they will sing a duet at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Ball in Sydney next weekend.

MORE news from Down Under... Michael Hutchence's five- bedroom retreat in Queensland, Australia - where the INXS singer took Paula Yates - is on the market for pounds 500,000.

HERE'S a snippet of fashion news... supermodel Kate Moss has just signed a multi-million-dollar deal with hair-care company L'Oreal.

She starts shooting the "fabulously beautiful" ads at the end of March under her year-long contract.

Women Model Management's Bob Van Riper went all coy on me about the exact amount of money involved but confirmed it was "multi millions", adding: "Let's say it's a good chunk of change." So while pink looks set to be the in fashion colour, mousy brown appears to be the new thing in hair.

REPORTS of Boy George and Culture Club being about to re-form are somewhat premature.

It is true that George and the other band members have been approached for a 50-date tour of the US by the powerful William Morris Agency. But those close to George have said it is only under discussion. Nothing has been signed. Having once spent an entire Ladies Day at Royal Ascot with the witty, charming Boy George - and having been an avid fan in my late teens - if it happens I can't wait.
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Author:Wingett, Fiona
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Date:Feb 22, 1998
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