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Lederman, Linda C.

Lederman, Linda C. (Ed.). Beyond These Walls: Readings in Health Communication. New York and oxford: oxford university Press, 2008. Pp. xxxii, 408. ISBN 978-0-19-533250-6 (paper) $54.95.

This collection of 26 readings on health communication provides an overview of an increasingly complex and increasingly vital area of applied communication. In a preface to instructors, Lederman writes that she designed the collection of "research articles and essays ... to accompany and suppliement leading overview textbooks in health communication." She also notes that "health communication has historically had two major aspects: (1) interpersonal approaches to health communication (e.g., doctor-patient communication, self-disclosure of health-related information, social support and wellness) and (2) mediated approaches (e.g., promoting public health and wellness through persuasive campaigns and examining the Internet as a source of health-related information)" (p. xi). Designed for an advanced undergraduate or graduate course, this book covers these two key areas in addition to newer areas.

Lederman has arranged the material under seven headings: history and contemporary challenges to health communication; patient-provider communication; the changing role of patients in health care; health communication in organizations, groups, and teams; social support beyond health-care providers; health promotion; and media literacy and health issues. Each section presents readings from leading scholars who address both the state of knowledge and the research methods employed in this area of applied communication.

Each chapter features notes and references; some have study or reflection questions. The book does not have an index, but the table of contents does present a brief description of each contribution.

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Publication:Communication Research Trends
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Date:Dec 1, 2012
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