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Lectures on quantum information.


Lectures on quantum information.

Ed. by Dagmar Bru[sz] and Gerd Leuchs.



610 pages




Bruss (theoretical physics, Heinrich-Heine-U. Dusseldorf, Germany) and Leuchs (director of the Max Planck Research Group for Optics, Information and Photonics in Germany) present 31 tutorial lectures on quantum information processing and quantum communications from a week- long summer school held in 2000 in the Physikzentrum at Bad Honnef in Germany. Opening contributions discuss classical information theory and computational complexity. The foundations of quantum information theory are discussed in chapters on discrete quantum states versus continuous variables, approximate quantum cloning, channels and maps, quantum algorithms, and quantum error correction. Six chapters explore different aspects of the theory of entanglement, followed by four discussing issues of quantum communication, including quantum teleportation, quantum key distribution, quantum communication experiments with discrete variables, and continuous variable quantum communication. Concepts and implementations of quantum computing examined include quantum computer requirements, probabilistic quantum computation and linear optical realization, holonomic quantum computation, quantum computing with cold ions and atoms, experiments with cold trapped ions, and solid state systems. The transfer of quantum information between different types of implementations is examined in four chapters preceding the final explorations of progress towards quantum interferometry and quantum imaging.

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Date:Jun 1, 2007
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