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Lebanese Army Accused by Israel of Breaching UN Resolution 1701

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom has accused the Lebanese army of breaching United Nations Resolution 1701, according to the Beirut daily AL BALAD Friday. Shalom said that the fact that the Lebanese army has not cracked down on Hizbullah's weapons in southern Lebanon constitutes a breach of the resolution--which ended the July--August 2006 war between Lebanon and Israel. The resolution requires the establishment of a demilitarized zone in southern Lebanon as well as requiring Israel to end all breaches of Lebanese sovereignty. Shalom was quoted by AL BALAD as saying, "The Lebanese army is providing support for Hizbullah by allowing its [Hizbullah's] weapons shipments from Iran and Syria to enter Lebanon... And all this while they accuse Israel of breaching the resolution."
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Date:Jul 25, 2009
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