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Lebanon Returns Israeli 'Spy Vulture'.


In last week's highly sensitive secret operation, Israel managed to get a vulture returned to it by Lebanese villagers - after they took it captive for being an "Israeli spy vulture."

Israel's Nature and Parks Authority confirmed reports that the vulture had been captured in the south Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil, four km (2.6 miles) from the border. There, locals made the wild yet sadly not uncommon accusation that it was all a conspiracy and the bird was carrying Israeli espionage hardware on it.

Fortunately the vulture was returned on Thursday night following a discreet operation by the parks authority aided by the UN forces on the border. The Israel Nature and Parks Authority was able to make contact with the residents of the Lebanese town through the UN, and succeeded in convincing them to return the bird on Thursday night at the border at Rosh Hanikra on the coast. Despite its stint in Lebanon as an "Israeli spy," the rare bird was fortunately in good medical condition.

Ludicrous as they may be, such claims of Israeli "spy" animals are so numerous among the Jewish state's Arab neighbors that presenting a full list of such incidents from recent years is truly challenging. Dolphins, sharks, ducks, vultures, eagles, and even rare European Bee-Eaters have all been "exposed" at some point as dastardly Zionist agents.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Feb 2, 2016
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