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Lebanon's Al-Akhbar: Syria Rejected Offers by Regional and International Forces, Pressures Aim to Force It to Comply with US Dictations.

BEIRUT, (SANA) -- The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akbar said that the foreign plots and conspiracies against Syria under the pretext of pushing for meeting the Syrian public's reform demands aim at forcing the Syrian leadership to comply with the already-known US dictations.

In an article published on Saturday, the newspaper said that this shows the scale of the conspiracy that aims at foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs and moving it in the direction that guarantees foreign interests in the region, particularly US interests.

The article points out that the scale of the western plot against Syria exceeds the scale of the real situation, and that there are many in the Arab world and the rest of the world who are in a hurry to exhaust Syria and force it to comply with US dictations under the cover of reform demands, while the truth is that the desired goal is having Syria move in the same direction imposed by Washington, particularly regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The newspaper reported that Syria rejected offers made by regional and western forces that include cutting off ties with the resistance and Iran, which would make Syria one of the countries under the US-western influence.

Al-Akhbar called for taking into consideration the movement of the US, the west and Washington's Arab allies and scrutinizing the messages that delegates attempted to convey to Syria within the past two months, which shows that Syria's isn't required to just make reforms, but rather meet US terms as well.

The article said that Syria is now in a race between the sedition directed by the west and the reforms it is undertaking.

The newspaper concluded by saying that, needless to say, the Syrian leadership refused the US and western offers and dictations, which calls for finding a way to support the people's demand for reform lest they fall prey to the US plots to seize the region, stressing that Syria affirmed to all delegates that it will continue to support the resistance and that it will continue the reform process according to its own program, not according to external conditions and dictations.



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Publication:Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)
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Date:May 21, 2011
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