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Lebanite is a pioneer in the engineered wood composite panel industry. (Advertisement).

With a 60-year history, Lebanite was a pioneer in many of the processes still in use today by much of the engineered wood composite panel industry. In the 1950's, the on-site pilot plant and R&D department were used by wood scientists and engineers from around the world as incubators in the early development of a multitude of newly emerging engineered wood composite panel products for companies such as International Paper, Masonite, Evanite and others.

In a direct comparison of wood composite panel products such as Homanit, Masonite, Rodman, Duratex, Medex, Flakeboard, Permacore, etc., none have properties that match Lebanite for density, internal bond, modules of rupture, tensile strength, horizontal shear, modules of elasticity, direct screw withdrawal, hardness, impact indentation, or abrasion resistance. Lebanite is also formaldehyde free and highly moisture resistant.

Lebanite's proprietary process is unique in that it is made from 100% refined virgin Douglas-fir fiber. Dry formed with only 4% - 6% phenolic resin added; the natural lignin in the fir becomes the primary binder. The mat is dry pressed at 2,700 psi under high heat, producing a light wheat colored panel with up to 73 lbs/ft density that is homogeneous, smooth on two sides and has exceptional machining characteristics without fuzzing or chipping.

Adequately defining Lebanite has always been a complex issue. The company equates it to re-constituted Douglas-fir with superior dimensional stability. Historically, it has been placed in a hardboard category, simply because there were no other classifications to characterize it. In an editorial from the May 17th 1957 issue of "The Lumberman", the article says "Experts claim Lebanite does not meet the technical definition of hardboard".

Thin HDF and MDF is closer in look to Lebanite, but is limited to commodities oriented business because it does not have the properties. Lebanite on the other hand focuses on niche markets where a high performance product is needed to provide solutions to structural, mechanical or physical requirements where tolerance, machinability, thickness, moisture resistance and any other of its unique properties are crucial.

The company takes a very entrepreneurial and aggressive approach to marketing by partnering with its vendors and customers to engineer and develop new products. Many unique innovations are coming from Lebanite in the near future, including a fire rated panel along with others, which satisfy critical requirements in highly engineered wood product applications.

The editorial in "The Lumberman" went on to state that Lebanite is an extraordinary product without an industry classification that would reference it adequately in order to classify it categorically. This statement remains true today, as there is not another engineered wood composite panel product on the market that competes with Lebanite's unrivaled properties.

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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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