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Lebanese Politician Tweets: A Week in Numbers.

When Lebanese Politicians Tweet 2 Have you ever wondered how often Saad Hariri tweets? And about what? And how much his following has increased over the course of the month? What about Najib Makati? Or Lebanese President Michel Sleimnan? Well, Think Media Labs have done a detailed research over the changing relationship of Lebanese politicians with the social media forum Twitter and how that affects their political following. They give the detailed statistics of the Twitter accounts of Saad Hariri, Najib Makati and Michel Sleiman over the course of a week.

Metel Ma Shelta A group of Lebanese graphic designers get clever with a very serious Lebanese problem: littering. On a small piece of paper, they printed what appears to be a folded 10,000 L.L. bill, so it would appear that it fell out of someone's pocket. Yet, when you pick up the square-shaped piece of paper, the other side snidely says, " As you picked this up, you can pick up the litter off the streets as well."

Just how long will "Silmiyya" last? Things are starting to heat up in Bahrain and a resolution seems to be difficult to find. This Bahraini blogger beseeches his country folk to find a middle solution since a civil war has no winning sides.

"What is needed now, right now, is an honest look at the root causes of discontent and effect real change without the drag of personal, tribal, sectarian or any other biases to cloud actions to redress the balance and put this country back on to its rightful path."

#BZUprotest -- West Bank universities struggle to stem strikes Bethlehem University and Birzeit University are both enduring strikes over hiked tuition fees. These strikes involved sit-ins and hunger strikes that have even gone as far as to cause the dismissal of some classes. Although the Palestinian Authority has tried to increase funding, there is no word as to whether the situation will ease its way into resolution.

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