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Lebanese MP Fattoush punches woman in the neck, she apologizes to him.

Wanted for arrest: Nicolas Fattoush MP Nicolas Fattoush repeatedly punching a female employee in the neck at the Baabda Judicial Palace for asking him to wait his turn, after declaring "I am the deputy Nicolas Fattoush and I cannot wait."

Lebanese Politicians Pose A Greater Threat Than ISIS The actions of MP Fattoush highlights that even though someone is wearing a suit and driving a nice car, their savagery is still on the same level as Daesh.

Nicolas Fattouche's Website Got Hacked The MP who likes to publicly punch women had his website hacked with, you guessed it, his head on the body of a pro-wrestler.

It's Actually Rifi's Fault Fattouche Wasn't Arrested... 'Shame on our minister of justice for hunting down kids for burning a terrorist scumbag flag, while letting his own employees suffer at the hands of a monster like Nicolas Fattouche.'

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Title Annotation:Nicolas Fattoush
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Date:Oct 22, 2014
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