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Leavers' Balls; ...more of your great photos to come.

HUNDREDS of youngsters have been celebrating the end of their school days in style.

And we've been inundated with pictures from youngsters who want to share the happy time they had at their end of term prom.

We've already carried dozens of photos to celebrate the season and here is our second 24-page special looking at more of your happy pictures.

There will be more pictures during the week.

If you have Leavers' Ball pictures you'd like to share, send them as jpegs to or drop in copies to Leavers' Balls, Coventry Telegraph, Corporation St, Coventry CV1 1FP. Please include a name, address and contact number, along with captions.

And don't forget to check out the pictures on our website


Ellanna Griffin, head girl at Cardinal Wiseman School, sent in these pictures of the sixth form summer ball at the Holiday Inn, Walsgrave. Top left are Helen Early and Danny McFeeley, both looking stunning. Top right, The Boys! From left to right. top row, Tim Smith, Andrew Baldwin, Jack Beamish, Craig Wale, Ricky Tyrell, George Charimootoo, Chris Forbes, Andrew Sharkey. Bottom row, Colm Berry, James Griffin, Sean Fisher, Kevin Palmer, Danny McFeeley.; Pictured above, left, are Mr McKernan's form group 13c and left, Mrs McCartney's form 13a. Above are Ethan Griffiths (new head boy) James Griffin (old head boy) Ellanna Griffin (old head girl) and Lauren Stundon (new head girl).; Looking good at Cardinal Newman Proms night at the Britannia Hotel are Claire Amphlette, Siobhian Ronan, Jodie Gould and Kirsty Gibney, and (above right) Connor Martin and Chelsea Venables; Ellen McCann, Chelsea Venables and Kira Iaquinta (left) at the Britannia Hotel and (above) all smiles before the night starts; Ready for the fun to begin at the Cardinal Newman leavers' ball are (from left) Daniel Wall, Cameron Swift, Ashleigh Robinson, Stacey Varney, Kiera McKinley, Kristal Taylor, Abby Wright and Kieran Kearney.; Ashleigh Robinson, also pictured below, said: "Cardinal Newman prom was quality. Everyone was there and we all had a wicked night - I don't think any of us will ever forget it."; Paul Walton, Kira Iaquinta, Chelsea Venables and Daniel Harris (right) all set for their evening at the Britannia Hotel for the Cardinal Newman school leavers' ball; Pictured also at the Cardinal Wiseman ball at the Holiday Inn are Clare Farren, Jemma Noonan (lay chaplain) Lauren Stundon, who sent in the photograph, Charlotte James, Ross Scaysbrook, Emma McGann and Hannah Tallentire.; Pooja Mehta also sent in pictures of the Cardinal Wiseman bash. Left, Alison Crowshaw, Christine Rye, Pooja Mehta and Hannah Somanathan. Right: Pooja Mehta and Lauren Bellars.; Meanwhile, the Cardinal Wiseman year 11 prom was held at the Leofric Hotel. These photos were sent in by Nikita Mehta. Left are Kirsty Lemont, Lindsy Williamson, Jessica McDonnell and Nikita Mehta. Right are Laura Keogh, Rosie Langford and Nikita Mehta.; At the Cardinal Wiseman year 11 ball at the Leofric Hotel are, above: Ryan Eccles, Sean Fletcher, Jack Marsh, Steve O'Donnell, Joseph Cahill and Paul Green. Right, another picture at the Leofric, sent in by Hannah Greer. From left: Hannah Greer, Danielle McNaney, Vicki Curzons, Georgina Griffiths, Claire Ellison, Clare Hughes, Paris Holden, Jade Dooley, Ashleigh Plummer, Shannon Smith, Rebecca Purnell, Chelsey Cole, Kate Park, Lauren Judge.; Finham Park pupils enjoyed a great night out at the Chesford Grange Hotel. Above, left are Sophie Stanley, Sophie Holloway, Emma Cooke, Hannah Oldfield, Millie Stanley and Victoria Green.; Above: Millie Stanley and Jamie Hnatushka.; Left: back row, from left: Hannah Murray, Francesca Peake, Becky Walker, Jenifer Fitchew, Aishling Hughes, Jenni Bell, Rachael Murphy, Christina Lawless, Joanne Maynard. Front row, from left: Daniel Goodenough, Phillip Evans, David Washbrooke, Daniel Holden and Tom Duffy.; Hugging as they remember times at Caludon Castle School are (above) Nick Jones, Paul Brown, Nicky Acton and Paige Jacobs, and (right) Jodie Adams and Robyn Dacres sent us the picture (right) Gemma Clarke, Lauren Docker, Jodie Adams, Jade Cross and Robyn Dacres; Ian Smith-Childs, Annie Gough and Tim James (above) and (left) Lauren Docker, Annie Gough, Kirstie Holden and Gemma Clarke at the Caludon Castle School ball at the Ricoh Arena; Looking forward to their limo ride to the Ricoh Arena are departing Caludon Castle pupils Craig Goodbody, Simon Floyd, Ricky Woodhead, Ryan Davies, Daryl Kelsey, David Cooke, Matthew Davies and Alexander Zahorodnyi; Above (back row) are Jackie Hughes, Amber Sly and Paige Jacobs with (front) Kirstie Holden, Stacie Anderson, Michaela Neil, Annie Gough and Natalie Evans Annie Gough and Stacie Anderson wrote to us to say: "We had a really great night - thanks to all of the teachers for organising it and making it a night to remember. Especially Mrs Muldoon!"; Kayleigh French (also above right with Scott McHugh) arrived in style with friends Maria Truslove, Varisha Patel, Mollie Johnson, Hannah Sayer and Stephanie Timms in a horse and cart; At the Ernesford Grange leavers' ball at the Royal Court are left: Ravin Raval, Ryan Thompson, Kyle Freeman, Steven Young, Paul Govier, Laura May, Natalie Ancian, Stevie and the two in the front from right to left are Hannah Considine and Stephanie Price.; Below, left: Laura May and Steven Young.; Below, right: Hannah Considine and Laura May.; Dressed for the occasion are pupils from Hartshill High, who enjoyed their night out at the Sketchley Grange. From left: James Buckley, Danny Laight, Daniel Paul, James Redman, Aaron Badland, Lewis Knights, George Wallis, Nick Ashby and Michael Shirley.; Right picture: Grace Mansfield and Danny Laight.; At the Sidney Stringer prom are, above, from left: Chanelle Henry, Monique Campbell, Amanda Pierce, Rachel Morris, Aiesha Russell, Robyn Tracey, Shireen Khanum, Nusrat Shiekh and Kerry O'Donnel.; Right, from left: Vinay Sahota, Baljit Kaur, Benic Dube, Gurpreet Sandhu, Kishen Parshad, Vivek Rayall, Dhalvir Gheent, Michael Elson, Sanpreet Kaur, Nomir Khan and Luke Warner.; Sidney Stringer pupils having a great time. Left picture: Siraj Takolia, Benjamin Reid, Adam Abdul, Robyn Tracey, Aiesha Russell, Monique Campbell, Kerry O'Donnel and Shireen Khanum.; Right picture, from left: Esmat Omari, Chris Hannah, Michael Elson, Luke Decre-Cogley, Vinay Sahota, Luke Warner and Nahveed Khan.; Nahveed Khan, Siraj Takolia, Aiesha Russell, Yusuf Sagheer and Rachel Morris, from Sidney Stringer and fellow pupils, above, from left: Saboor Arif, Mohammed Ali, Imran Hussain and Irfan Saleji.; Ellie O'Kane, Jade Wilson, Laura Brogan, Sophie Jurzack, Becky Woods and Katrina Pace raise a glass as they get ready to set off for the Bishop Ullathorne school ball at The Royal Court Hotel; All dressed up for their leavers' ball are (left) Collette Shanley, Ashleigh McCann, Teresa Edgar and Jordan Nicholl and (right) Kloe Kelleher, Becky Woods, Steph Judge and Laura Brogan; Looking stylish as they arrive for their leavers' ball at The Royal Court Hotel are departing Bishop Ullathorne pupils Kevin Singh, Conor Cairns, Sean Barrett, Matthew Ball, Mario Vaz, Daniel Dyer, Harsharn Mudhar and Thomas Smith; At the Bishop Ullathorne sixth form leavers' ball are James and Olivia De Souza (above) and (below) Liam Redmond, Hayley Weir, Katie Lee and Tim Lovejoy; All dressed up are Jess Hughes, Lauren Dale, Laura Brogan and Siobhan Hastings; Left is a picture of some of the Sidney Stringer celebrations.; Below, clockwise from left: Adam Ashley, Jay Stockley, Michael Elson, Ayo Sweeney-Williams, Chris Hannah, Esmat Omari, Dhalvir Gheent, Joshua Thapar.; Chanelle Henry, Jennifer Harrison, Monique Campbell, Aiesha Russell, Shireen Khanum, Rachel Morris, Amanda Pierce, Nusrat Shiekh.; Nathasha Ali, Hafsa Begum, Salma Begum, Zaynab Mustafa, Mariam Ali and Farjana Habib.; Prom Lord and Lady: Jennifer Harrison and Chris Hannah.; This picture of the Whitley Abbey leavers' ball was sent in by Faye Keeling. Faye said: "We were taken to the Weston Hall in style in our pink limo - thanks to Krystal Limousines - for a lovely meal and dance. Thank you to all the staff and teachers who arranged this and we would like to thank our families for this most fantastic night to remember. Good luck to all our friends in having the time of your life." Pictured, from left are: Faye Keeling, Lizzie Davies, Amy Bell, Demmi Glover, Claire Stringfellow and Katie Liggins.; Claire Wainwright sent in this picture of year 13 pupils at King Henry Vlll School. From left to right area: Sabrina Akhtar, Sanna Qodrat, Claire Wainwright, Rosemary Evans, Andreanna Kosmirak, Simran Athwal, Claire Gilchrist, Lizzi Aizelwood, Amundeep Bains and Alison Costigan.; Katie Judd (left in the group) writes about the Woodway Park Prom at Weston Hall: "My dad got a fanfair to play just for me when I got out of the limo. Everyone else kept saying 'they didn't do that for us' and my reply was 'my dad got it for me, it was all mine, allllll mine!' "The Prom was amazing, thank you to everyone for making it what it was."; Looking forward to their limo trip to the Weston Hall Hotel at Bulkington are Steven McGowan, Josh Wells, Lewis Curry, Kurtis McBride, Thomas French, Steven Walsgrove and Peter Wood; Pictured about to leave for the Woodway Park Prom at Weston Hall are Jake Wells, Anton Noble, Marcus Lawson, Tyrone Miller, Tyler Morgan and Kyle Wilson; Enjoying Woodway Park's Prom at Weston Hall in Bulkington are (above) Becky Goodchild, Sara K, Matthew Jenner, Tanya Cooksley, Dannielle Franklin and Bethan Burnell and (left) Vanessa M, Lucy Ridding, Jane Scott, Katie Judd and Laura Barrett; The Bablake School Class of 2000 leavers' ball was held at the Hilton Hotel, Warwick. These pictures were sent in by head boy Mark McKelvie. He is pictured above, centre with head girl Kiranjit Juj and senior prefect Rebeka Healy. Above right, Mark with his pal David Buckeridge and right, with Amy Corrigan.; Pupils from Harris School, Rugby. From left: Nathan Grasby, Jodie Gibson, Lauren Fountain, Harriet Jelley, Megan Hodgess, Hannah Dunn and Ryan Smith.; Pictured on the left are girls from Coundon Court School outside the Allesley Hotel and, below left, Faye McCotter, Jennifer Maybe, Emily Gill and Oliver Hives.; Pictured at the Barrs Hill School prom are, from left: Jamie Townsend, Kim McCabe and Carl Poulton.; At the Westwood School prom at the Windmill Hotel are (left) Zoe Podmore and Thomas Cowie, (centre) Kayleigh O'Brien, Rosemary Jones, Jessica Cox, Victoria Cable and Emily Godleigh and (right) Kerryann Banks and Zoe Capok; Arriving at the Westwood School prom at the Windmill Hotel are (left) Jonathan Hill, Philip Child, Josh Dickson and Chris Smith, (centre) Reine Walker and Steven Jones and (right) Fay Andreas, Erin Cole and Bridget Roberts; Enjoying the Westwood School prom at the Windmill Hotel are Lauren Heywood, Joe Brierley and Jennifer Jones, John Wood, Michael Wilson and Ross Warner and Erika Baker, Anton Ord and Rachel Elve; About to board their limo to take them to Tile Hill Wood School prom are Adele Parr, Sam Killcoyne, James Collings, Charlotte Norcliff, Louise Wakelin, Sheridan Marshal, Dave Mooney and Katie Raybould; On their way to Tile Hill Wood School and Language College prom, which was held at the Royal Court Hotel, are Jordan Diston, Chris Mills, Scott Mcgrath, Dale Biggs, Jamie Darroch, Steph O'Brien, Abbie Clarke and Leesha Henry; Pictured at the Westwood School Year 11 prom at the Windmill Hotel are (left) Ashley Burdett, Jenny Anderson, Zoe Podmore and Nathan Box, (centre) Emily Clews and Rupa Patel and (right) Lauren Sumner, Emma Sawyer, Cathy McCarthy and Stephen Laing; The Blue Coat School year 11 prom was held at the Weston Hall Hotel, Bulkington.; Above, Rae-Ann Coleman. Top right: the B6 crew boys.; Top left: the B6 crew girls.; Right: Lizzie Seldon, Rae-Ann Coleman, Ami Hensman and Naomi Gillham.; Having a fab night at the President Kennedy prom are: Ajesh Patel, Roshni Makwana, Jagdip Mann, Baljit Rayit, Kiran Chand, who sent in the photo, Pavanpreet Mahal and Rikki Lad. On the right, Lauren Wint and Kiran Chand, who have been friends since the age of three, are pictured in their finery.; Looking great for the President Kennedy ball at the Britannia Hotel are, from left: Amy Fletcher, Martelle Friel, Becky McCalister, Aislinn Dixon, Nathasha Messam, Hannah Mulryan, Kerrie Morgan, Katie Payne, Jade Mason, Lauren Wint, Chelsea Gaffney, Manda Oliver and Danielle Ball.; President Kennedy prom King and Queen Reece Palmer and Ayesha Kalyan are pictured left. Above are Robert Cleaver, Reece Palmer and Nathan Kalyan.; Pictured at the President Kennedy prom are, from left: Hannah Mulryan, Robert Cleaver and Kerrieanne Morgan. Above is Kerrieanne, who sent in the two pictures, with Jason Cruise.; Adam Rollins sent in these two pictures of the President Kennedy prom. He is pictured on the left, third from left, with Mr Beattie, Amy Pinches and Mr Sheridan, and on the right with Amy Pinches.
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