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Leavers' Balls: ...more of your great photos to come.

HUNDREDS of youngsters have been celebrating the end of their school days in style.

And we've been inundated with pictures from youngsters who want to share the happy time they had at their end of term prom.

We've already carried dozens of photos to celebrate the season and here is a 24-page special looking at more of your happy pictures.

There will be more pictures during the week, and another 24-page supplement next Saturday.

If you have Leavers' Ball pictures you'd like to share, send them as jpegs to or drop in copies to Leavers' Balls, Coventry Telegraph, Corporation St, Coventry CV1 1FP. Please include a name, address and contact number, along with captions.

And don't forget to check out the pictures on our website


LAUREN HARRIS sent these pictures from Cardinal Wiseman prom at the Leofric Hotel on June 22. Top photo, back row from left to right: Lauren Harris, Kerry Gardner, Paris Holden, Victoria Curzons, Jordan McCade, Sinead Wolstenhome, Danielle McNaney, Laura Keogh. Front row: David Mulhul, Stephen Barnicle, Christopher Kennington, Thomas Lichfield, Jake Welsh, Joseph Cahill Top right photo: Ellis Browne, Lauren Harris. Centre far right: Lauren Harris, Nikita Mehta. Far right: Lauren Harris, Jessica McDonnell. Right: Rebecca Wallis, Ellis Browne, Lauren Harris.; Another pupil sent in this picture also of Cardinal Wiseman's prom night at the Leofric Hotel. Instead of a limo the friends went in a fire engine. Pictured are: Nat Corrigan, Sam King, James Smith (Winston), Jordan Gallaghan, Joe Mulchinock, Sean Hanlon, Phillip Hall and Charlie Thompson.; Whitley Abbey pupils on the way to Weston Hall. From left: Faye Keeling, Lizzie Davies, Amy Bell, Demmi Glover, Claire Stringfellow and Katie Liggins.; Pictured getting ready for the Ash Green leavers' ball at Weston Hall are Dan Stevens and Cameron Tune.; Pictured at the North Leamington School year 11 ball at the Pump Rooms in Leamington are Laura Savage, Amy Reading and Becky Shaw.; Sherbourne Fields School in Coventry held its first ever Glitz and Glamour leavers' ball at the Aston Court Hotel on June 30. Pupils described it as "fantastic" and "the best day of my life." Pictured left are: Sinead Dunne, Courtney Walker, Andrew Govier, Sara-Jayne Heer-Bedford, Kyle Smith, and Kerry Gould. Above: Jay Joshi dressed for the occasion.; Above left: Sherbourne Fields pupils Christopher Gosai, Jay Joshi, Luke Simmons, Thomas Boshell, Claire Miller and Emma Bunce. The next picture shows Heather Critchlow who enjoyed dressing up and said: "I had a really good night. It was great fun." Above, left: Marcus Ballard, who said: "It was great to be out with my friends." Above, right: Jonathan McGowan looking dashing. He said: "It was a very special evening." Left: Paul Bolton and Sara-Jayne Heer-Bedford thought the whole night was fabulous.; Lisha McCusker sent two photos of pupils from the Westwood School leaving for their prom at the Windmill Hotel Pictured left are: Lauren McGuiness, Lewis Gould, Erran Goggins, Sophie Evans, and Lisha McCusker Pictured below left are: Lisha McCusker, Sophie Evans, Erran Goggins and Lauren McGuiness.; Also from the Westwood School are Rachel Watson and Chris Amery who are pictured below travelling to the prom in a stretch HUMVIE.; Mandy Burai and Reanne Gavin sent this picture from the Year 11 King Henry VIII prom at The Hilton Hotel, Coventry. Pictured from left: Janine Johal, Emma Duckworth, Mandy Burai, Reanne Gavin, Angie Webber, Jenny Mclean, Amy Palmer and Mirella Fry.; Darren Morgan sent this picture from Finham Park prom at the Chesford Grange Hotel. He said: "Thanks to all the staff and fellow students for making it a fantastic night, one I will never forget." Pictured are, from left, Sam Price, David Butler, Robert Palmer, Nazli Tarzi, Chris O'Connor, Jess Hudson and Darren Morgan.; Pictured at Finham Park leavers' ball at Chesford Grange Hotel are: Left: Amy Ward, Anna Dalli, Danielle Rouse, Felicity Holt, Chloe Ward, Joanne Aspell, Charlotte Heath and Natalie Costelloe.; Pictured at Finham Park prom at Chesford Grange are: (left to right) Lewis Chrimes, Dan Pearson, Gail Eaves, Jo Clapinson and Joel Burcham.; Foxford School and Community Arts College pupils boarded coaches to a surprise venue - Coombe Abbey. King and Queen for the evening were David Goulding and Tara Brown. Above: A group of Year 11s in all their finery. Middle picture, back, from left: Joe Lole, Monish Mehmi, Lee Bradbury. Front, from left: Kirsty Barrowman, Kaitlyn James, Deemica Patel, Gemma Wood. Left picture: Kellie Tait, Jade Payne, Natalie Brown, Rachel Haywood, Caya Sanders, Chantelle Parybus.; Pictured left at the President Kennedy School Year 11 ball at the Britannia Hotel are Stuart Welch, Gemma Sweet, Lian Johnson, Linzi Haworth, Lindsay Pryke, Kayleigh Clarke and Sukhwinder Kang. Stuart and Gemma are also pictured above. Gemma said: "We all had an amazing time and wish to thank everyone. We didn't want it to end and it rounded off five brilliant years at President Kennedy."; Above, off to the President Kennedy prom are, from left: Katie Payne, Aislinn Dixon, Natasha Messam, Becky McAlister, Jade Mason, Lauran Wint, Danielle Ball, Chelsea Gaffney, Amanda Oliver, Amy Fletcher. Left: Becky McAlister with Nathan Brown and Amanda Oliver.; President Kennedy pupils Robert Cleaver and Laura Buttle off to a fantastic night at the President Kennedy prom.; Shannan Carlton sent in this picture from St Thomas More Catholic School and Technology College from Nuneaton. Their prom was held at the Weston Hall in Bulkington on Thursday June 28. From left: Harriet Bowman, Mary Lockhart, Amy Dawson, Fireman Sam, Shannan Carlton, Jade Daffern and Rachel Hayward.; Dionne Garvey and Dayle Aston are pictured at the Tile Hill Wood School prom which was held at the Royal Court Hotel.; Katie Lambe, Kiri Lewis, Zoe Cotter, Claire Dempsey, Heather Wilson, Rachel Davis and Madison Skelsey at the Tile Hill Wood leavers' ball at the Royal Court.; Vanessa Pearson and Jade Neviens are pictured at the TIle Hill Wood School prom which was held at the Royal Court Hotel. Vanessa is also pictured with Kim Quinn. She said: "We would like to say a big thank you to the teachers and the Royal Court for a great finale to a good send-off. They did a wonderful job. We had a wonderful night, everyone looked fab. I am going to miss all my girlies a lot. I wish you all the very best of luck for the future."; These pictures are from the Caludon Castle sixth form leavers' ball. Pictured above are, from back left: Charlotte Eaton, Lauren Taylor, Gemma Albrighton, Danielle Underhill, Stacey Cooke, Natasha Tonner, Laura Miller, Dilpreet Dhaliwal. Front, from left: Munisha Sidhu, Danielle Carter, Kim Stanton, Sheleen Daniels, Lisa Harrison. Munisha said: "We had a cracking night at the Leofric Hotel and one we'll never forget. Gunna miss everyone. Special thanks to Kim and Dave for organising the event."; Paul Wood, Daniel Niven, Liam Mulryan, Neil Revis, Tom Glancy. Front left: Scott Pettipher, Jake Thompson, Gary Barnes, all of Caludon Castle.; Herminder Dhaliwal, Bharat Choda, Geoffrey Wan, Jake Thompson of Caludon Castle.; Laura Fellows, Georgia Bowser, Laura Howe and Kirsty Mainwaring of Caludon Castle.; The whole sixth form at Caludon Castle.; Pictured above are Coundon Court pupils, from left: Chanelle Collier, Lynsey Markham, Stephanie Charley, Karley Rose, Allana Setchell, Charlotte Jacubecz, Georgina Holt and Rebecca McKernan. Left: Georgina Holt, Stacey Dodd, Allana Setchell and Lynsey Markham. Right: Kirsty Keylock and Georgina Holt.; Also at the Coundon Court celebrations were, from left: Jason Rogers, Nicole Whitlam, Melissa Wooding, Gabrielle Cockell, Kate Quinn, Lana Taylor and Mathew McFeely.; Pictured left at the Coundon Court Year 11 ball are Jeni Mabey, Becky Veasey and Andrea Obremski. Above: Beth Mabey, Andrea Obremski, Abby Fellows, Becky Veasey, Sally Sangha, Steph Finney, Danielle Thornton, and Steph Elliot.; Pictured heading off to the Coundon Court prom at the Allesley Hotel are: Faye Brassington, Jaide Kerr, Lauren Dadley, Katie Dadic, Jemma Davies, Kelly O'Connor, Stacey Gaskins and Samantha Glassborow. Right: Steph Finnie and Danielle Thornton get ready to set off in a limo.; Getting ready for their Caludon Castle prom are, from left, Katie Strain, Gemma Clarke, Christine Davies, Grace Comberlack, Kelsey Jackson, Lauren Docker and Jade Cross.; Pictured left at the Caludon Castle prom at the Ricoh Arena are, from left: Mark Curtis, Dale Pearson, Jack Tillbrook, Timesh Patel, Tom Horsely, Darryl Hughes, Luke Sharples and Chris Robb. Pictured right are: Jonny Bramwell, Timesh Patel, Lee Revis and Mark Curtis.; Adam Hill sent in these pictures of himself at the Caludon Castle Year 11 prom, one with Chris Caren and one with Mollie Johnson.; Jade Tomlinson and Ria Thompson sent these pictures from Bishop Ullathorne prom. Pictured above are Danielle Skellington, Jade Tomlinson, Amy Evans And Sophie Thomas. Above right, Corrine McNicholas, Ria Thompson, Jade Tomlinson, Danielle Skellington and Linda Byrne.; Selina Lampitt, Josie Molony, Emma McCullagh, Sinead Todd, Lauren Scarr, Holly Gordon and Aston McEntee, all from Year 11 at Bishop Ullathorne School, enjoying the prom at the Royal Court.; Bishop Ullathorne pupils Phil Guinan, Sam Mullen, Adam Walker, Chris Wilson-King, Mario Vas, Andy Wilson-King and classmates.; Conor Cairns, left, with his friend Tom Smith at Bishop Ullathorne leavers' ball. They decided to go for an Irish and Scottish cultural theme by wearing kilts.; Katie Hopkins is pictured setting off to the Bishop Ullathorne ball.; Chelsea Lucas is pictured with Sam McDonell at the Cardinal Newman School prom at the Britannia Hotel. On the left are Joe Harkin, Katie Brown, Chelsea Lucas, Rachel Convey and Connor McIntosh.; Kelly Ward, Brenna Towers, Katie Killeen, Lisa Downing, Charlotte Laidlaw, Laura Peters, Charlotte Beeres and Katie Williams are pictured at the Cardinal Newman prom.; Cardinal Newman pupils, back, from left: Daniel Wall, Kristal Taylor, Cameron Swift, Kieran Kearney, Abby Wright. Front: Kiera McKingley, Ashleigh Robinson, Stacey Varney.; Above, Cardinal Newman pupils, back, from left: Katie Killeen, Brenna Towers, Charlotte Laidlaw, Kelly Ward, Charlotte Beeres, Lisa Downing. Front, Claire Johnston, Katie Williams, Laura Peters.; Levi Collins sent in these pictures from the Cardinal Newman School prom at the Britannia Hotel. Pictured, left are, back, Alex Thompson, Laura Kemp, Frankie Razza, Sarah Egan, Amy Rowles, Hannah Clyde, George Evans. Front: Ellen McCann, Steph Cook, Mary Kate McCarthy, Levi Collins, Sarah Moore.; Above: Laura Kemp, Kelly Donovan, Frankie Razza, Ellen McCann, Amy Rowles, Levi Collins, Hannah Clyde, Sarah Moore, Mary Kate McCarthy, Steph Cook, Kerry McGinty and Sarah Egan waiting for their transport. Left: Levi Collins and Paris Donohue.; Antoinette Sinclair sent in these pictures from Bishop Ullathorne prom. Above, from left: Amy Evans, Antoinette Sinclair, Danielle Quinn and Chloe Bailey. Left, Antoinette Sinclair with Ashleigh McCann.; Beci Evans, Billy O'Grady and Farrah Brennan are pictured before the Bishop Ullathorne School prom at the Royal Court Hotel.; Bishop Ullathorne pupils Luke Carter, Steven Ryder, David Willis, Chris Jones and Lee Farrell.; In their finery for the Bishop Ullathorne prom are, from left: Chloe Bailey, Erin Liggins, Charlotte Sadler, Samatha Kerr, Catherine Urch, Stephanie Rollings, Lauren Gallacher, Molly Poole, Josie Maloney, Danielle Quinn, Antoinette Sinclair, Mary Hopewell, Amy Beasley and Katie Hopkins.; Rachael Ryan sent these pictures of the Bishop Ullathorne Sixth Form Ball at the Leofric Hotel. She said: "A great night was had by all and we would like to thank the teachers for all their support and the committee for helping to organise the ball." From the left are Laura Martin, Emma Jacobs, Rachel Martin, Rachael Ryan, Sarah Jaremenko, Lauren McCullagh.; Bishop Ullathorne sixth formers Aaron Jones, Laura Martin, Rachael Ryan, Ryan Southgate. Right: Olivia de Souza, Liam McKay, Katie Lee, and Ryan Southgate.; Left: Bishop Ullathorne pupils Liam McKay and Francesca Berlen and, right, Elisha Ryan and Michael Kelly.; Katie Moore sent this picture from the Ernesford Grange School prom at the Royal Court and said: "I'd like to thank all the teachers and students for making it such a fantastic day that we will never forget. As we say goodbye to our school years and at the start of a whole new journey, good luck!" Pictured are: Carly Markham, Katie Moore, Natalie Lonsdale and Natalie Clifton.; Also from Ernesford Grange are: left, Steph Price, Shanice Foster, Jordan Seymour and Gemma Lynch and, right, the crowd on Table 13.; Zoe Seth sent in these pictures of the build-up to the Ernesford Grange 'do.' She said: "The Ernesford Grange class of 2007 leavers' ball was a truly magical night. My limo girls looked especially remarkable. Thanks for a great time, I shall miss you all."; Jodie Bond sent in these pictures from Ernesford Grange prom. She said: "It was an amazing night, not to be forgotten. Many thanks to the teachers for their Pussycat Dolls tribute." Pictured left are: Nina Kumari, Natalie Ancian, Stacey Berry, Jodie Bond. Below, left: Gemma Lynch, Jodie Bond Below, right: Paul Govier, Ryan Thompson, Jodie Bond, Steven Young, and Ravin Raval.; Lisa Quinn sent in this picture of the ball for Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell. Left to right: Katie Speed, Lisa Quinn, Charlotte Adams, Sally Smith and Amy Chamberlain.; Sam Green sent in these pictures from Bilton High prom and said: "The girls had a fantastic night at Brandon Hall." Pictured are: Sammy Smith, Lucy Bunton, Abigail Thompson, Mallory Diggens, Sam Green, Emma Henderson, Sammy Gorman, Lauren Lee, Ria Connolly, Davinia Wan, Sophie Naylor and Charlotte Withers.; Looking their best for the Blue Coat School leavers' ball at the Weston Hall Hotel, Bulkington are: Esther Rai, Sarah Colclough, Kate Arthur, Patricia Settle and Fiona Heritage.; Samantha Hall, of Walsgrave, Coventry, with Scott Davies at the summer ball for students of Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrrell. She said: "We had a fantastic evening, with a live band, DJ, chocolate fountains, funfair rides and finishing with a champagne breakfast."; Pictured at Ernesford Grange School leavers' summer ball at the Royal Court Hotel, are: Kane Jones, Devland Bromfield, Ashley Bowell, Luke Sealy and Daniel Maher.; Pictured at Ernesford Grange School leavers' ball at the Royal Court Hotel, are Gary Cutler, Gemma Clarke, Emma Thomas, Matthew Broadway and Cheryl Jones.; Right: With the ladies... Ravin Raval, Kyle Freeman, Ryan Thompson, Steven Young and Paul Govier with (from left) Stephanie Price, Hannah Considine, Laura May, Natalie Ancian and Stevie Louise who all shared the same table.; Some of Year 11 at Ernesford Grange together for the last time.; Steven Young and Ravin Raval sent these pictures from Ernesford Grange year 11 ball at the Royal Court Hotel. Pictured left: The lads, Rav Raval, Ryan Thompson, Steven Young, Paul Govier, Michael McEnery, Jonathan Gedrim, Nathan Evans, Adam Meadowcroft, Dale Greaves and Kyle Brooker.
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