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Leavers' democracy is a bigoted thing.

OH dear, Mr Benson of Cardiff asserts that as a Leaver "we won" ("Tyrants out to change the will of the people", WM letters, March 29) as if this was some sort of game and not the future of this country that is being decided.

He further declares that stayers no longer believe in democracy as they are not accepting of the lies dished out at the time of the referendum and subsequently.

It is obvious from his letter that any who have differing views from his should have absolutely no opportunity nor platform to express those views and should all just stay quiet and accept what is to come with abject deference despite warnings from all sectors of the economy including his very own Leaver government.

Democracy allows the opportunity to change one's mind once the true facts are known. To stick one's head in the sand and bleat endlessly about the result of a referendum which took place nearly three years previously when lies and total misrepresentations of a golden future were bandied about endlessly should surely be challenged. Democracy allows us to change our government every five years but this referendum does not allow us to change our minds ever.

Leavers' democracy does not allow for the truth nor the ability to think. It does not allow for discussion nor the chance to change one's mind. It is used to belittle free thought and any who question authority.

If this is their idea of democracy then they are reading a different dictionary from everyone else. Maybe they are content to be dictated to by an orange megalomaniac from 3,000 miles away but I, for one, am not, nor will I ever be.

I would also like to assure Mr Benson and others that I am not a Labour leftie, just an ordinary person who believes in true democracy not watered down dictatorship.

AW Jones Llandrindod Wells

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 30, 2019
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