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Leave a legacy where you've put your energies.

It always bothers me to read of the passing of a long time WILPF member who has devoted countless hours and years of her life to WILPF, but in the obituary, the family directs friends to make memorial gifts to the church, the ASPCA, or Habitat for Humanity, and never mentions WILPF. Those are all wonderful causes, but when the deceased's focal point was WILPF for decades, how does that get left out of her final plans?

Now is the time to let your family know how important WILPF is to you, and that you want them to direct friends and relatives to make donations in your memory to the organization which held your heart for so long. We can provide a template for starting the dialogue, and provide help all along the way to make this easy. You can choose to leave WILPF a donation as part of your will. Or you can use an estate planner to donate now in order to reduce your annual tax liability. Both are considered variations of "Planned Giving."

Gifts can include cash, appreciated securities/stocks, real estate, artwork, partnership interests, personal property, vehicles, life insurance and/or a retirement plan. There are mutual benefits from this kind of giving to both donor and WILPF. And you can always be sure that all your other obligations are met before a dollar goes to a charity, by using a "Residuary Bequest."

WILPF has benefited by bequests of all sizes. From gifts as small as $1000 to several hundred thousand, we've been blessed by generous members who remembered us in their wills. Here are just a few examples of legacy donations for which we continue to be grateful:

* The Kay Camp Fund was named for one of WILPF's most passionate cold-war era members. Kay, an International President, believed strongly that it was the duty of more privileged women in the US to use their voices to raise issues of concern to women in other less developed nations. The fund was set up to encourage young WILPF women to attend International Meetings.

* The Joan Patchen Fund was set up by Cape Cod WILPF to honor Joan, an artist and peace maker. The guidelines state this fund is to help WILPF branches or Sections with projects which combine Peace and Art.

* The Johanna Muench Fox Scholarship Fund honors the memory of Mrs. Gerald Fox an avid peace advocate, gardener, conservationist. This fund seeks to support young women working in the environmental movement.

* The Jane Bibber Bequest has fueled one branch's local activism for many years.


Long-time and generous member Yvonne Logan has planned to continue funding the JAPA Disarmament Fund, which supports our DISARM/END WARS Issue Committee and others who work on peace advocacy and disarmament. Bequests can have a huge impact for an organization like ours and leave a living legacy for the future.

Talk to your financial planner, your family, your estate banker or lawyer to be sure WILPF is known to them and that they understand your intention to leave a legacy behind to continue our work. Most advisors suggest a general purpose gift, which allows more flexibility upon distribution of your donation.

We'll also be kicking off a Memorial Giving Program later this year, to make it easier to contribute to WILPF in the name of friends, colleagues and family members--a fitting tribute to activists and people who have stood for peace and justice.

Contact Marybeth Gardam to find out all you need to know to make your gift or bequest to WILPF. Email or call 863-651-4888.

By Marybeth Gardam, Development Committee Chair
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Date:Mar 22, 2016
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