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Leatherhead Publications.

The conclusion of the Functional Food 2000 conference, in The Hague, was that this is an exiting time for the European functional foods industry. The conference focused on the commercial, regulatory, strategic, investment and consumer issues likely to affect the European functional foods market in the future. A forum was provided to discuss whether functional foods were likely to make a difference to overall health, and what ingredients would offer the most potential.

The proceedings from Functional Food 2000 are available in hard back book format from Leatherhead Food RA, Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, tel: 0137 282 2374 at a cost of [pound]125.

Another title from Leatherhead Food RA, as is Flavourings in Food - A Legal Perspective. This publication gets to grips with the complexities of legislation governing the production and marketing of food products. Aspects of production such as labelling requirements, flavouring legislation, frameworks provisions, definitions, exclusions, and permitted flavourings are all included. This reference guide is available in A5 format at a cost of [pound]140.

Also released by Leatherhead is the title Snack Foods Market - Global Trends and Developments. This a report which analyses the key trends and developments in the market for snack foods across 12 major countries. The report discusses market sizes, trends, new product activity, major companies and brands.

Children aged 5 to 14 represent 11.5% of the population and are a significant consumer group when it comes to food. They are often fickle in their choices and led by the latest fashions and trends. To encourage brand loyalty, manufacturers often introduce character merchandising or free toys to differentiate their products. Leatherhead RA have published a report on this market, The European Children's Food and Drink Market, which analyzes the key trends and developments in the children's food and drinks market. This report covers sectors where the children make decisions, such as confectionary and soft drinks, together with areas where the parents make the purchase but the children are the major consumers, for example, cereals or biscuits. All the major brands across Europe are discussed in this 250-page report available from Leatherhead Food RA at a cost of [pound]425.
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Date:Dec 1, 2000
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