Printer Friendly Adds Adaptive Curriculum to its Online Offerings.

Partnership with Sebit, LLC provides teachers with Adaptive Curriculum's middle school math curriculum through's Digital Learning Environment

PORTLAND, Ore., June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- announces today that it will offer digital mathematics curriculum from Adaptive Curriculum through the Digital Learning Environment. This partnership provides educators with the ability to use a single tool for the seamless delivery and use of instructional content from both companies. Sebit, LLC is the developer of Adaptive Curriculum. already supports teachers with the ability to create and manage their own lessons through a suite of tools that are part of its Digital Learning Environment. Now teachers can also purchase and integrate Adaptive Curriculum's materials with their own lessons and with's Web-delivered offerings:
 -- EasyTech, a K-8 technology literacy curriculum, and
 -- Aha!Math, a K-5 supplemental math curriculum

"Adding Adaptive Curriculum's middle school math materials helps teachers have high-quality, effective materials easily accessible in one intuitive environment," says William J. Kelly, CEO.

Developed by Sebit, LLC, Adaptive Curriculum is an online library of interactive math instructional materials, and like Aha!Math, is aligned to national and state standards. Both and Adaptive Curriculum offer their products through subscription, accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, including at home, in extended-day programs and libraries.

"This partnership offers teachers the best of both worlds -- the ability to access high-quality math instruction from Adaptive Curriculum, while taking advantage of the intuitive management features offered by the Digital Learning Environment," said Ahmet Eti, CEO of Sebit, LLC.

Additionally, Kelly adds, Adaptive Curriculum's materials are an excellent fit with's Aha!Math K-5 supplemental math curriculum.

"We see Adaptive Curriculum as synergistic with Aha!Math, giving teachers access to materials for later-grade level content, and yet accessible all in one place," Kelly says. "Teachers can mix and match the lessons and activities they feel are most appropriate for each student, and do it on the fly with mere clicks of the mouse."

Adaptive Curriculum's math materials will be available through in the fall 2008, when pricing will also be announced.

The underlying technology that enables this unique partnership is's Digital Learning Environment, designed to be easy to use so teachers can spend their time supporting student learning. Through the Digital Learning Environment, teachers can view and assign curriculum, manage classroom rosters, and customize the scope and sequence of their own lesson plans that can also include lessons they have created themselves. Teachers can monitor and get reports on student performance, supporting them to individualize instruction and improve student learning.

This partnership is part of's vision to share its Digital Learning Environment with other like-minded education partners, and to enhance each teacher's ability to individualize instruction for students by integrating digital curriculum into their instructional days.

About, the premier provider of Web-delivered curriculum and assessment, partners with schools and districts to improve student learning outcomes. The Portland, Ore.-based company transforms learning experiences through its understanding of the art and science of Web-based teaching and learning. Founded in 1999, it serves nearly two million students in schools across the United States. Its award-winning solutions are EasyTech, a proven, K-8 technology literacy curriculum that helps students develop and apply technology skills in math, language arts, social studies and science; TechLiteracy Assessment, an authentic technology proficiency assessment that provides educators with the data to understand how well students grasp foundational technology skills; and Aha!Math, an interactive K-5 supplemental math curriculum that supports teachers to improve students' foundational math skills while developing their higher level problem-solving and reasoning skills. For more information, please visit or call 800-580-4640.

About Sebit, LLC

Sebit, LLC, enhances math and science instruction for teachers and students in the middle grades through Adaptive Curriculum. Aligned to national and state standards, Adaptive Curriculum offers an online library of high-quality, interactive Math and Science Activity Objects. Visually engaging, individualized lessons effectively teach students with a variety of learning styles and abilities, through three-dimensional simulations, experiments, games, and problem-solving activities designed to improve knowledge and critical thinking skills in math and science. Sebit, LLC is partnering with Technology Based Learning and Research, an independent research development entity at Arizona State University, for help with content expertise, curriculum alignment and professional development. The company is headquartered at SkySong, ASU's Scottsdale Innovation Center. For more information, visit or call 888-999-9319.
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